I vomited blood yahoo dating

Bali Suitcase Murder: Heather Mack Hospitalized After Vomiting Blood in Indonesian Prison

i vomited blood yahoo dating

Yahoo boys on rampage again! charmed Warri woman vomits fresh naira notes has the the poo will die and this isn't even for yahoo, it is blood money direct. I actually did tax return and dating and made over N billion and then stopped. DOCTOR NOW could be any number of things, one thing that is for sure is internal bleeding can be very serious, u could have a perforated. goldkey.info News ☆ The reports of ritualists, also known as 'Yahoo boys', stealing After they finish performing some rituals on the pants, the owners will start bleeding or vomiting blood. . Can you date, marry a yahoo boy?.

At the campus, it was learnt that one of the measures being used by female students to protect themselves is to go out without wearing pants. For instance, a student of the school, who lives outside the school campus and who only identified herself as Esther, said three of her friends had started employing the strategy of going out without wearing pants.

After they finish performing some rituals on the pants, the owners will start bleeding or vomiting blood. Since the news got to us, three of my friends have stopped wearing pants. I have stopped going out at night, even for something as important as going to the campus to study at night. Although, I heard that these evil people also operate during the day, I believe it is more dangerous at night.

Girl vomits money in Delta State after Yahoo boy charmed her(2)

As I speak to you, we have not seen the lady since then to know the effect it will have on her. Though, unlike my friends who have stopped wearing pants, I still do, but we have been advised to stop hanging our pants on washing lines outside.

Kidney Stones Can Literally Make You Vomit From Pain

Confirming that some ladies no longer wear pants in some parts of the state, especially in Abraka, Asaba, fear of having them stolen by ritualists, Sandra said she was told that some pants could be sold for as much as N, each. It happened to one lady in Umuagwu quarters of Asaba.

Her family has taken her to church for healing because she has been behaving abnormally. On Friday, December 14,she fell very ill.

i vomited blood yahoo dating

The management of a hotel in Umugwu, where she had gone to meet someone, quickly reported the case to the police and they were advised to take her to a traditional healing home. Woman sells own pants, makes N28m a year Our correspondent met a female hairdresser, who claimed that the victim was her customer and that she had visited her at the place where she was being treated.

i vomited blood yahoo dating

Saturday PUNCH also learnt that in Abraka, Ughelli, Ozoro and Warri, some ladies have resulted to sprinkling their pants with oil that had allegedly been blessed by preachers. According to Efe, a young lady in her late 20s, she no longer hangs her underwear on the washing line outside her flat or leaves the diapers used by her baby lying around.

Some of us have stopped hanging our pants on washing lines outside. We sometimes iron our underwear to get them dry.

We are also mindful of what our visitors could do so we take precautions. Even my female neighbours told me that they had stopped wearing pants since there were reports about some guys stealing underwear at gunpoint. This was disclosed by a student in National Diploma Two, who identified herself as Cynthia. In my own case, I trust my man and believe he will not do anything to hurt me. He is from a good background and not a greedy person who would want to make quick money through rituals.

These are the most common type, forming when calcium binds to oxalate, a chemical compound, in your urine. There may be a genetic component, especially in people who get them repeatedly, but most of them can be attributed to dehydration or a diet high in foods containing oxalates, like leafy greens and coffee, says Ramin. The second most common type, these stones happen when your body doesn't process all the monosodium urate a chemical commonly found in foods like animal protein and nuts in your kidneys and it clumps together.

These definitely have a genetic component and tend to run in families. These stones are less common and are the result of an upper urinary tract infection, according to the NKF. Caused by a rare genetic disorder called cystinuria, these stones form when a high amounts of the amino acid cystine leaks into your urine. What are the symptoms of kidney stones?

They're painful, for one-like, excruciatingly so. If a stone is just chilling in your kidney, you likely won't even know it's there, which is cool since doctors don't usually treat those anyhow, says Ramin.

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However, once the stone moves down into your ureter the little tube that funnels your pee from your kidneys to your bladder it can block urine from passing, which causes swelling and serious pain, he explains.

The longer it's there, the more pain you'll be in. You'll likely feel it the most in your lower back, although some people may experience pain in their groin or abdomen as well, he adds. Other possible symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and fainting; and urine that is bloody, cloudy, or bad smelling. Kidney stones can sometimes occur with an infection which may cause symptoms like a fever, body aches, fatigue, and chills, according to the U.

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National Library of Medicine. How are kidney stones diagnosed-and treated? Often it's pretty apparent by the location and level of pain a person is in that a kidney stone is the issue but your doc may order a CT scan or an x-ray to determine the exact shape, size, and location.

You may also receive a urine test to check for signs of infection. Once your doc is sure you have a kidney stone or multipleyou have two options: Treat it surgically or let it pass "naturally.

There are some medications your doctor can give you to help relax your ureter, making it easier for the stone to pass, says Ramin. Larger stones, however, may be candidates for surgery, like shockwave treatment, for example when special sound waves are aimed at your body to break up the stone in to smaller, easier to pass pieces.

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Another option is endoscopic surgery where the doctor will go into your kidney directly, using a laser to break up the stone into sand-sized particles or to remove the stone whole, with a basket, he says. But once the stone is out, regardless of how it left your body, hang on to it.

i vomited blood yahoo dating

First, bragging rights, duh. Second, your doc will want to analyze the stone to figure out what type it is so you can know what may have caused it-and how to prevent another one from forming Wait, you can prevent kidney stones?

First and foremost, drink more water-it's really that simple. He recommends drinking about two liters, or 70 ounces, of water every day. While you're keeping track of what you put in your body, monitor your diet, too. If you've had a calcium oxalate stone, for example, you'll likely be counseled to remove foods high in oxalate from your diet, including dark, leafy greens, chocolate, cola, coffee, and black tea, says Ramin View photos Photo credit: Getty Images More Likewise if your stone was made of uric acid, then you'll likely be told to ditch high-urate foods like meats, seafood, and nuts, he adds.

Overall, because lifestyles diseases like obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure increase your risk of kidney stones, anything you can do to reduce those will help with kidney stones as well, says Ramin. That means cutting out processed junk foods and eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains avoiding any specific foods your doctor advises against, per above along with getting regular exercise and a good night's sleep.

What women who've had kidney stones want you to know: It hurt so bad it made me throw up.