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She was not impressed by the self-serving behavior of the aristocrats she met. She found it remarkable that people were given privileges because of their family of birth rather than on merit.

She immersed herself in philosophy, particularly in the works of Jean-Jacques Rousseau ; his democratic ideas strongly influenced her thinking about politics and social justice.

Rousseau was also very important to her in other areas. She later said that his books had shown her how to lead a happy and fulfilled life. She corresponded with a number of erudite older men - mainly clients of her father's - who acted as intellectual mentors. She started writing philosophical essays herself which she circulated in manuscript among her friends under the title Oeuvre des loisirs 'work for relaxation'.

In she took part in an essay competition on the theme 'How the education of women can help make men better. She received at least ten proposals of marriage, but rejected all of them.

She had a brief romance with the writer Pahin de la Blancheriewhich for her ended in a painful disappointment. A friend of her father, a widower of 56 with whom she corresponded about philosophical issues, asked her to come and live with him on his estate so that they could study philosophy together.

She hinted to him that she might consider a platonic marriage, but nothing of the sort came about. He was an expert in the field of production, trade and economic policy, especially of the textile industry. He was intelligent, well-read and well-traveled, but he was also known as a difficult human being: Because of this, he often did not succeed in implementing the economic reforms he favoured, and his career was not as successful as he believed he deserved.

A year later she did accept. The wedding plans were initially kept secret because Roland expected objections from his family. By the standards of that time, this was a ' mesalliance ': From the very first, Madame Roland helped her husband in his work, acting more or less as his secretary. In her spare time she attended lectures on natural history in the Jardin des Plantesthe botanical garden of Paris.

Here she met Louis-Augustin Bosc d'Antica natural historian who remained a close friend until her death. Their only child Eudora was born there in Unusual for that time - but entirely in line with Rousseau's theories - Madame Roland breastfed her daughter herself instead of hiring a wet nurse. She wrote a particularly detailed and candid report of the birth and the problems with breastfeeding, and is one of the first women of this time to write openly about such matters.

The report was published after her death. In Paris, Madame Roland had already supported her husband in his work and their cooperation now developed further. At first she was mainly involved in copying texts and assisting his research; her role was clearly subordinate. In her memoirs she looks back on this situation with some resentment, but her letters from that period do not show that she objected at the time.

Her involvement gradually increased; she began to edit and modify text, and eventually wrote major sections herself.

The French Revolution: Crash Course World History #29

Her husband apparently initially did not realize that some texts were hers and not his own. Within a few years, she developed into the better writer, which was also acknowledged by Jean-Marie Roland. In the end he fully accepted her as his intellectual equal and there was an equal partnership. The financial privileges associated with a title would allow him to give up his job as an inspector and focus entirely on writing and research.

She discovered that she had a talent for lobbying and negotiating.

convencion girondina yahoo dating

The peerage did not materialise: She did manage to obtain a appointment for him in Lyon that was less demanding than his post in Amiens and better paid. Madame Roland focused on the education of her daughter Eudora, who to her great disappointment turned out to be less interested in books and acquiring knowledge than she herself had been at that age. The Rolands were in many ways representative of the rising revolutionary elite.

They had obtained their social position through work and not through birth, and resented the court in Versailles with its corruption and privileges. They deliberately chose a fairly sober, puritan lifestyle. They favoured a liberal economy and the abolition of old regulations, and advocated relief for the poor. After the storming of the Bastille on 14 Julyher thinking radicalised quickly and there was a complete change in the tone and content of her letters.

Institutions from the old regime were no longer acceptable to her; now that the people had taken over sovereignty, a completely new form of government had to be developed. Unlike many other revolutionaries, she was quick to argue for the establishment of a republic. In her political thinking, Madame Roland was irreconcilably radical at this point in time. She was not inclined to compromise on anything; to achieve her revolutionary ideals she found the use of force, and even civil war, acceptable.

Madame Roland soon became convinced that a counter-revolution was being plotted. She tried to mobilize her friends through her letters, not hesitating to spread unfounded rumors about events and about people she did not agree with. They were hated by representatives of the old elite because of this.

She was happy when on February 7,an uprising broke out in Lyon that led to the ousting of the city council and an increase of the number of men eligible to vote.

Madame Roland did not publicly take part in political discussions, but still managed to gain political influence during this period. She corresponded with a network of publicists and politicians, including the Parisian journalist Jacques Pierre Brissotthe future leader of the Girondin s, and the lawyer Jean-Henri Bancal d'Issarts. In her letters she described and analyzed the developments in Lyon.

At least on five occasions Brissot published excerpts from her letters as articles in his newspaper Le Patriote Francaiseso that her opinions were discussed outside Lyon. Luc-Antoine de Champagneux did the same in his newspaper Le courier de Lyon. She was one of the few female correspondents in the revolutionary press. Because her contributions were not published under her own name, but anonymously or as 'a woman from the south,' it is impossible to determine with certainty how many articles written by Madame Roland appeared in the press.

The Rolands now settled in Lyons but in order to get money for the revolutionary reform they left for Paris infor what should have been a short stay. Jacques Pierre Brissot, journalist and later leader of the Girondins, published Madame Rolands articles in his newspaper and introduced her in revolutionary circles. Madame Roland soon became a well-known figure in political circles in Paris, especially thanks to Brissot, who introduced her everywhere.

As always, she worked alongside her husband, although the routine copying and editing work was now done by an assistant, Sophie Grandchamp. Madame Roland wrote most of her husbands official letters and regretted that she could not go to the new National Assembly herself to argue the case of Lyon: When she observed the debates from the gallery, it annoyed her that the conservatives were so much better and more eloquent in the debates than the revolutionaries, who she considered ideologically superior.

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