Online dating double standards definition

6 Weird Double Standards For Men (and Women!) in Dating - The Good Men Project

online dating double standards definition

turns to online dating to investigate whether there are double standards injustice whilst reading those examples, imagine this for a second. Dating double standards have been around for ages (remember The. When your man asks you about your day it means he's caring. Ask most girls why they've recently joined an online dating site, and you'll hear one of It is a damn-near universal double-standard of the modern dating set.

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Men seem to really like sexy women — but not women who are sexual and express desire. This has presented itself in a number of different ways throughout the generations. Why is having a supposedly pure wife a sign of a successful man?

This BS is a remnant of patriarchy, and buying into it supports the oppression of women. We think sex is dirty and gross, but we still want and crave it.

Dating Double Standards Set Horribly Unfair Expectations for Women

We need to reframe desiring sex as a beautiful and healthy thing — not just for guys but for women, too. Guys should always pay on dates.

Ladies, what are we doing to ourselves here? This is crap, and we know it. We earn our own money, we can pay for dates too. Whoever does the asking does the paying. Also, the non-paying party should always offer to cover half. After a while you can have a conversation about what works best for you, as a couple. Recently, a guy said something obnoxious to my son and me, as he walked away from us.

online dating double standards definition

Men DO need to stand up to other men when they see abuse, sexism, or harassment in action. But in some ways, this also feels like it undermines my right to stand up to men myself without putting my husband at risk. First and foremost, we need systemic fixes to these huge problems.

online dating double standards definition

Nobody should feel empowered to harass or harm anybody else. Yet it would appear that, for the majority of women, height is a crucial determiner in the search for a partner, as whilst my towering alter-ego was 'matched' 11 times, my Lilliputian self received only a disappointing 2 extensions of interest. And I find this troubling. And though this idiom is laughed off as fantasy by most of the fairer sex, it would appear, from the results of my very unofficial social experiment, that there is no smoke without fire.

Don't get me wrong, we can't berate women for having 'types'. My question is this: Height and weight are, after all, both measurements; simple, numerical records used to represent our bodies.

6 Weird Double Standards For Men (and Women!) in Dating

The only practical manner in which they differ is their permanence. Generally speaking, a person's height is considerably more fixed than their weight — which makes it all the more unfair to judge a man on his vertical inches head-to-toe, before you go jumping to other conclusions.

It's not as if that man can just nip to his local gym or lay off the cake to transform into modern culture's towering image of attractiveness.

online dating double standards definition

Britain needs to burst this online dating bubble Fundamentally, no one should be judged against these unfair standards of beauty — but it remains that we are. Just look at my online dating experiment. Women are clearly stipulating their superficial demands, without fear of retribution.

Many of the female profiles I encountered online included such blunt and bullheaded phrases as "don't bother messaging" or "don't expect a reply if you're under 6ft".

online dating double standards definition

If you didn't flinch, wince or even feel an inkling of social injustice whilst reading those examples, imagine this for a second: What if they were demands being made of women's weight, by men?