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Confidential Confessions is a manga by Reiko Momochi. The individual volumes of the series (Mondaiteiki Sakuhinshū) They raise money and order cyanide pills off the internet, but Manatsu starts to feel uncertain about dying. of risk on every date — [had] been thoughtlessly discarded for the illusion of a thriller. World's best % FREE online dating site in Bayern. Meet loads of . no Shiawase na Jikan,Mondaiteiki Sakuhinshu,Suicide Circle. ⌂Home. Mondaiteiki sakuhinshu online dating Ukrainian Brides single and beautiful, - http :// ukrainian brides, women from Ukraine- mail order.

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As expected, the first story, involving the gang rape of a girl and how she had to continue living after that, was the most moving and best story of the lot. Everything was handled excellently by the author, with her going into detail to explain how, no matter how you think you'll act in any situation, you don't know if you'll be able to do the brave thing until fear has got hold of your heart.

I found the relationship between the female lead and her boyfriend touching: There was a rather dodgy piece of dialogue, though, which I'll quote The story was about how a high school girl had to deal with having AIDs and slowly becoming weaker and weaker.

It was both informative no-one wants to read about deadly diseases until they need to!

It gave me a warm feeling to see someone with such a horrible illness fighting against it with the help of her best friend and boyfriend. Volume six was, sadly, the weakest of the collection. The first story was an unusually dull tale about stalking, it taking a lengthy period to reach a conclusion of no real interest.

Reading the story made me dislike the weak and submissive main character. The last story was on improvement, it being about how a victim of bullying turned into a bully, but it was short and, like the stories in volume four, lacked the detail of the more detailed stories that make up the series.

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So, what do I think of it after finishing? I think it's one of the best series out there. The quality goes up and down depending on the chapter since each chapter has a totally different story but very few of the stories were poor. Only the long and boring stalker chapter in volume six, which had a terrible lead character who kept messing around over a nutjob ex-boyfriend, was truly disappointing.

The other lower quality stories weren't so bad because they only lasted 50 or so pages, where as the stalker story dragged on for The author doesn't force the rights and wrongs of the world down your throat like parents tend to: The author is able to tell interesting stories and, at the same time, provide information and help people with similar issues to those depicted in her stories.

Overall, my feelings are that, despite having the odd average story, CC is up there with the best manga has to offer. The only real flaw I spotted aside from the odd poor chapter was the similar character design of all the characters in the stories: The only other 'flaw' would be how nearly every story ends on a semi-happy note, but there's no rule saying that realistic stories have to end in depressing fashion and it would've kind of defeated the purpose of the stories if they started and ended depressingly.

But, ignoring those issues, anyone who likes their manga realistic should seriously consider splashing the cash to get the full series - I promise you won't be disappointed! She later learns that Asparagus committed suicide. At her funeral the bullies refuse to acknowledge their fault.

Manatsu concludes that suicide is not brave or wondrous and realizes the pain it leaves on those alive. Reception[ edit ] Confidential Confessions received mixed reviews from Western audiences. Manga Life's Miguel Douglas praised the first volume for its "absolute realistic depictions" of the characters and commended it for "tackl[ing] such serious issues" that are "relevant" "throughout the world. DeMille epic — 80 minutes of glorified sinning, and 10 minutes of redemption to make it the audience feel virtuous instead of embarrassed for watching.

Deai received mixed reception from critics as well. Connie Zhang of Mania graded the first volume with a B, criticizing that the story did not "connect to the reader on a fundamental level" and that there is "no emotional bond to the characters. Deai with a B- with complaints that "everything that worked well in the first volume — the good pacing, the sweetness of Rika and Kiichi's relationship, the heroine's business savvy personality and the sense of risk on every date — [had] been thoughtlessly discarded for the illusion of a thriller.

Deai reached 77 on the 'Top Graphic Novels' for April Out of Print Titles". Archived from the original on October 4, Retrieved September 10,