Anti aging taglines for dating

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anti aging taglines for dating

And so it's goodbye to the words “anti-ageing” and not a moment too soon. For years the term was an essential tagline on magazine cover-lines. that a woman's worth is in her looks, which ultimately have an expiry date. Jan 8, aging quotes relationships \ funny aging quotes \ aging quotes aging quotes \ new aging quotes \ middle aging quotes \ anti aging quotes \ If you . Diane Keaton, Maya Angelou, Helen Mirren, and more women on aging.

These phrases or sentences are advertising slogans, and if you remember them, even if they were all the way from your childhood, that means they are successful advertising slogans. Advertising slogans are those brief yet memorable phrases that you find in marketing and advertising campaigns, acting as the main attention-drawer to the product, service, company, or brand that is being advertised.

They are catchy, they are short — often written in five words or less — and they sum up what the product or the brand has to offer. They are designed to draw the attention of customers to a brand, and keep that brand in mind in their future shopping or purchasing decisions. What are advertising slogans for? At a glance, it would seem that a slogan is just a tag line or a catchphrase that advertisers come up with.

However, they have a more important function. Advertising slogans are part of a bigger marketing strategy.

anti aging taglines for dating

For example, every branding strategy involves the creation and use of an advertising slogan. After all, these slogans are often identified with a brand.

Helen Mirren has declared the ‘anti-ageing’ era over, so what’s next for skincare?

You will notice how all product or service providers come up with their own advertising slogans. This is because some slogans are more recognizable and thus offer more effective recall than mere brand names. Advertising slogans are created for the following reasons: An effective slogan sets you apart from the competition. This is extremely important if the business is in a highly competitive industry, with so many players in the market that offer similar products or services. One way to differentiate the business is to come up with a creative slogan that will make the brand instantly recognizable and, more importantly, more memorable than the other brands.

Specifically, information about the business. Sometimes, consumers may not have an idea what a certain brand is for just by hearing the brand name alone. However, the moment they hear the slogan, they will have an idea what it is about.

An example is Nokia. Those who are more geographically-oriented will immediately think of the town in Finland.

anti aging taglines for dating

Reinforcement of brand identity. People tend to remember what they are constantly exposed to, and they easily forget what is not there.

The advertising slogan accomplishes this by serving as a constant reminder of the presence and existence of the brand. It caught on pretty quick, and was used for several decades. Decades later, even when Hallmark branched out into licensing and manufacture of other gift products, the slogan still holds true to its core vision.

Helen Mirren has declared the ‘anti-ageing’ era over, so what’s next for skincare?

It was inspired by the idea that the shell coating the chocolate was hard enough to avoid melting in the hand, but will eventually do so once they enter the mouth for eating. These candies were pitched to the military as part of the rations for the American soldiers when they went off to war, and their hard shell made them ideal for long transports and storage. By using a Norman Rockwall artwork featuring smiling children with healthy and decay-free teeth, it was able to target its main demographic: This was first launched when the company was ranked second Hertz was first in the rental car industry.

It also denoted a promise about how the company will still work on keeping its service quality high, despite being second. This hardly mattered, however, because during the retirement period, most of the general public was not even aware that it was replaced by other slogans. And so is its company slogan, which is reinforced further by a logo featuring a deer in the act of leaping.

When it was developed inits intention was to promote its line of snowmobiles. Even when that snowmobile line ceased production, the slogan remained in use.

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Young people became interested in a drink that is different, since it did not contain any caffeine, and is marketed to not have the gassy effects that cola drinks are known to bring about. Undoubtedly, this remains to be one of the best advertising taglines in the automobile industry.

anti aging taglines for dating

This is a great example of an effective use of a slogan in an ad campaign. The city of New York used it in order to promote tourism in the City and, subsequently, of the entire state of New York. Although this self-proclamation earned a lot of criticism from other airlines and the industry in general, giving British Airways the impression of being conceited, it remains to be a slogan that is very memorable among the public.

The company has been known for its highly durable and lasting jeans, which is clearly embodied in the slogan. The company is basically saying that, as long as you have a Visa card, you can get your hands on anything, go anywhere, and enjoy any experience, wherever you are in the world. This slogan was named by Campaign Magazine as the best tagline of the 20th century.

In fact, it was so successful, it was even translated into 14 languages and used across the globe. What made it even more popular was its television commercial, which was directed by Hollywood A-lister Michael Bay. It came as no surprise, then, that the advertisement — which featured a then very young Eva Herzigova wearing the famed Wonder Bra — was voted by Outdoor Media Centre as their favorite iconic advertising image. It was originally aimed at correcting negative opinion of consumers on how long it would take to pour a pint of Guinness directly from the tap.

It was meant to advertise the brand as a whole, rather than any of its specific products. Needless to say, this slogan made the name MasterCard a catchphrase in itself. It struck that chord within each individual who dreams of owning a car.

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It was also specifically released in time with the launch of the Honda FCX Concept, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. This addresses another dream of many, which is of an automobile that does not contribute to pollution. Staying in shape really is harder after It requires commitment and discipline. But, if we are honest with ourselves, we all know that exercise, combined with a healthy diet, is the single best way to look and feel youthful.

anti aging taglines for dating

On the first day, go for a one-minute walk. The next day, walk for two minutes. Continue this process until you are walking for 30 minutes at the end of the month. Now, start running for the first minute and walking for the remaining If you continue this process, by the end of the second month, you will be running 30 minutes a day.

Embrace Your Passions Most of our adult lives are spent looking after other people. As employees, we support our co-workers and managers. But, there are plenty of things that will take years off of your life, while making you look older.

Once again, we all know our problem areas. If you still smoke in your 60s, now is the perfect time to quit. Read more about the 4 bad habits we should kick in our 60s. Give Your Skin What it Really Needs Your skin is amazing and, for the most part, it is perfectly capable of taking care of itself. Sure, using a natural moisturizer will help to lock moisture into your skin. But, for the most part, all your skin needs to stay healthy is sunscreen, water and a balanced diet.

anti aging taglines for dating

Despite what the supplement companies might want you to believe, the best way to get the vitamins your skin needs is to eat a balanced diet, with plenty of fruits and vegetables. First, laughter is a natural mood and energy booster.