Ford mondeo 2015 review uk dating

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ford mondeo 2015 review uk dating

Yes, folks, it's finally here – the all-new, fourth-generation Ford Mondeo. Debutant of the new Ford large car platform (which will also underpin. Once the leader of the pack, but now starting to feel dated. Ford Mondeo Vignale Hybrid and TDCI estate Road Test. The Ford Mondeo has been spotted undertaking winter testing in Sweden. Keep reading for the car's price, specs and release date. Get notified on the latest car news, reviews and videos. Sign up. The Ford Mondeo has been Ford Mondeo Review · Ford Mondeo UK prices announced.

First Drive review: Ford Mondeo ()

They come with climate control and sat navs and electric windows as standard. The steering wheel was festooned with buttons, and woe betide anyone who delved into the submenus on the central command and control system.

Let me put it this way.

ford mondeo 2015 review uk dating

It comes with voice-activated texting. So let me say this loud and clear. This is a big car, a five-seater with a truly gigantic boot.

ford mondeo 2015 review uk dating

It is fitted with every conceivable luxury. I cannot think of any car yet made that offers better value for money than that.

ford mondeo 2015 review uk dating

It is the McMeal of motoring. Perhaps because it was developed mainly in America, it is wilfully unsporty.

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Ford of Europe is responsible for some of the sportiest cars built: It seems to have been pitched precisely alongside the VW Passat — and priced accordingly. All the pointers are that, with this Mondeo, Ford is intent on social-climbing with an avidity at which even Blair in his pomp would have balked. Note the refined and even rather ruminative bodylines along the sides and down the bonnet.

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Note the availability of such upper-class blandishments as remote-controlled parking systems and jewelled tail lights. I had the lithe, comely estate version, in the ultra-posh Titanium spec, whose seats eagerly warmed my buttocks through the ingratiatingly soft leather and where the provision of piano-black inlays extended even to the passengers in the rear.

ford mondeo 2015 review uk dating

Most of all, note the calm digital dash display and the 8in colour touchscreen. How often, down the years, Ford has offered us a centre console confusingly boiling with buttons, a fascia so busy that sitting in front of it was no more restful than being repeatedly beaten in the face with an Argos catalogue, open at a display of all-in-one hi-fis.

Here, by contrast, all is clean and simple, and even mellow, with the SYNC 2 voice controls enabling you to address the dash in your softest but most entitled tones and cause it to peer into its databanks and supply a restaurant recommendation.

My Mondeo drive started in the outer reaches of Brentford, west London, on one of those cold, grey winter days that canvassers hate, on which the sun appears to have abandoned the idea of rising — the kind of day when you are much in need of a warm and gently convivial place to sit.

But the other models in the range all have a hatchback-style opening that gives easy access.

Ford Mondeo review

Some tyre noise enters the car over poorly surfaced roads and the engine in the hybrid gets noisy when you put your foot down. However, the diesels are impressively smooth and few rivals are as good at shutting out wind noise.

As an alternative you can issue verbal commands using the standard voice control system, but this is rather limited.

ford mondeo 2015 review uk dating

The diesel engine is strong enough to make the feel redundant. And most versions of the car are available with the option of an automatic gearbox.

In fact, the only thing that's tricky with the Mondeo is parking.