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Tropes used in this work: He is the Pokemon Champion after all. After fighting in Chapter 9, Brendan bought a bunch of Jigglypuff plushies one of which was at least four feet tall. One of the many special features about Hoenn is the abundant natural vistas allowed by its tropical climate. Amongst those, the most noticeable is water. In fact, some might remark that there's "too much water". Because You Were Nice to Me: The whole reason the Magma Grunt fell for Brendan.

Mildly deconsturcted in that it was only because they were the only kids in the area though the two do care for one another, Advertisement: He used Primal Groudon. Courtney could very well be mistaken for a robot half the time. However, she shows signs of emotion around Maxie. This was especially obvious when he seemingly refused to eat the pie she wanted to feed him. Exactly What It Says on the Tin: What's the comic about?

Title Droproll credits Chapter 9 appears to reveal that the Magma Grunt had just been using Brandon to get her hands on Primal Groudon, in order to restore Team Magma to full strength. This is driven home by the chapter's cover depicting a shattered photograph with the caption "Dated a Team Magma Grunt". Then she and Brendan shout "April Fools! Heavily implied when Magma Grunt asks this as her prize from Brendan, who's confident demeanor is shaken up for the first time. Lisia actually witnesses the kiss with a blush.

When Magma Grunt saw Brendan with May, she was initially suspicious, but her worries were proven for naught.

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Subverted upon meeting Lisia, where she came across as this when in actuality she was just tense from working up the nerve to ask for an autograph being a really big fan. Aqua Grunt calls Magma Grunt a deviant for having a 13 year old boyfriend when she had just been flirting with Brendan. Also, when the Team Magma grunt refers to Roxanne her best friend and the Gym Leader as a crybaby with a big forehead, text boxes point out that she is also this. Might explain why they're friends after all. If it's not contests, Lisia's got this on her mind.

Why did she not interfere with the Grunts fighting over Brendan? This looks like fun, so I'm just gonna watch. Love at First Punch: Magma Grunt fell in love with Brendan when he lent her a caring hand After a annihilating her without even giving her a chance to attack in a Pokemon battle.

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