Dating a junior doctor salary

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dating a junior doctor salary

Junior doctors protesting against the new 'imposed' contracts, . Junior doctors start on a salary of nearly £23,, which is at the high end of a. Junior doctors could strike despite an apparent offer of more pay from Hunt wrote to junior doctors laying out the government's offer on pay .. analyse scientific papers regularly to ensure we are up to date with patient care. 4 days ago Doctors should be asked to provide evidence of the date upon which As we are protecting junior doctors' current pay in cash terms (except.

So if there are a high number of applications in a single month, the number of points you need is likely to be higher too.

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In terms of job type, most junior doctors will score 20 points unless there is considered a shortage in their specific occupation. This is higher than a junior doctor salary at any level. How is this the case if they do not earn enough to enter the Foundation Programme? Non-EEA students who have completed their studies in the UK will already be on a Tier 4 visa, and they can have their leave to remain extended if they successfully obtain a place on the junior doctor Foundation Programme.

The Foundation Programme told us that, over the last five years, an average of doctors a year begin the Foundation Programme on a Tier 4 visa. So the majority of non-EEA junior doctors are likely to be on Tier 4 visas, having completed their medical degrees in the UK. Update 12 February We've updated this piece with more information from the Foundation Programme on how junior doctors apply for visas.

Some of the solutions to this can only be implemented at a national level, for example, increasing the number of medical school places. However, these changes take time to create an impact. Here are a few ideas based on my experience as a junior doctor over the past two years. In theory, work schedules rotas should be released six to eight weeks in advancebut they are often late and are subject to last-minute changes.

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It would be a great help to have the contact details of rota co-ordinators before starting a job. Accommodating leave requests in the rota rather than relying on individuals to swap would be much fairer. In future, using dedicated rota software would avoid human error. What are the contract arrangements for annual leave and bank holidays? Annual leave under the new proposal will be stated in days, rather than weeks.

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In addition, statutory days will be incorporated in to the annual leave allowance. Annual leave for LTFT trainees will be pro-rata. Leave arrangements can be calculated in hours for non-standard working patterns. I notice that F1s starting in August will now be pay protected when they move onto the contract?

Pay protection FAQs

Yes, due to the transition date for F1s being moved from August to Decembernew F1 doctors this year will start work on the contract and will therefore be entitled to Section One pay protection — the cash floor method.

Some F1s will earn more than their cash floor amount when transitioning to the new contract because under the new arrangements F1 basic pay is significantly higher. Some F1s will need pay protection if the banding value included in the cash floor calculation is high. Upon moving to F2 it becomes very unlikely that any F1 will continue to need pay protection, however employers should remember that the doctor should not earn less than their cash floor until their period of pay protection expires.

How will pay protection work practically? This will ensure that the cash floor value is transferred in the inter authority transfer IAT process when the doctor rotates.

I notice the method of calculating the cash floor has changed slightly compared to the March edition of the TCS? The cash floor is now calculated using the basic pay the day before the doctor transitions, plus the 31 October banding of the rota they are working on the day before they transition.

We would recommend that if you have any outstanding banding appeals concerning the banding of a rota at 31 Octoberyou need to resolve them as quickly as possible.

If a doctor has rotated from another employer, the new employer may need to contact the former employer to find out what the banding supplement of the rota they were working on was at 31 October To make this process easier we would recommend that all employers create a document containing the bandings of all rotas at 31 Octoberand the posts that worked on these rotas.

This will make it easier to provide this information when requested.

dating a junior doctor salary

Schedule 14 paragraph 16b requires us to use the rota the doctor 'would have been working on' had the doctor not been absent prior to transition.

How do we know which rota this is? Schedule 14 paragraph 16 specifically deals with situations where, on the day prior to transition, doctors are absent on maternity, paternity, adoption, or shared parental leave, on long term sick leave, or on an approved OOP. To work out the cash floor in these cases, you need to know the value of the banding supplement, as at 31 Octoberfor the rota on which the doctor would have been working had they not been absent.

dating a junior doctor salary

In such cases then, it would be the banding, as at 31 Octoberfor the rota on which the doctor is employed immediately on transition, that should be used for this purpose.

The banding of the rota has changed since 31 October Does this mean the rota 'did not exist' on 31 Octoberin which case the cash floor should be based on the banding at the time of appointment? It depends on the circumstances, the 31 October banding is not automatically superseded by banding changes.

Where a rota existed on 31 October but has subsequently undergone minor alterations, and this has resulted in a banding change, the 31 October banding will apply. Many rotas will need to undergo minor amendments to comply with the new arrangements, for example, which may result in a higher or lower banding than on 31 October due to the new working hour limits.

This would not supersede the 31 October banding for cash floor purposes.

dating a junior doctor salary

However, it might be considered that the current rota 'did not exist' on 31 October in the following circumstances: If a doctor on Section 2 pay protection is working in a GP practice, what banding should they get? As these doctors continue to be paid as if they were on the previous pay system, they should receive the 45 per cent GP supplement while they are in their practice placement. There is no need to try and assess the banding supplement for these doctors during their placement.

When the doctor rotates back into a hospital setting, they will then receive a banding based on their rota, just like all other doctors on Section 2 pay protection.

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In such circumstances, it is envisaged that the provisions of schedule 14, paragraph 8 should apply. This provision does not apply where a doctor voluntarily leaves on programme prior to completion in order to take up a different programme. In those circumstances, the provisions of schedule 2, paragraphs would apply, but a break in service, other than for reasons set out in paragraphs 47 and 48, would remove the entitlement to transitional protection. A special pay protection provision was agreed for F2 doctors in unbanded posts who took up the contract on moving to another F2 post.

As per Schedule 14, paragraph 11c, this provision is specific to F2s transitioning part way through their F2 year 7 December or 5 April The amendment to the cash floor is from 5th April without backdating. The distribution of the nodal points agreed with the BMA during the ACAS negotiations in Maymeant that these particular trainees were more likely than other grades to see an impact on their pay compared to what they might otherwise have expected.

This is intended to bring these F2 doctors more into line with the transitional arrangements for their peers. How do we calculate any additional payments in the new post? The agreed intention of Schedule 14 is that for doctors qualifying for section two, pay should continue in line with the TCS for the period in which such transitional protection applies, apart from the agreed modifications to banding.

dating a junior doctor salary

This means, for doctors in receipt of career grade protection who transition to the new TCS, if pay protection applies in a particular post they would have their total pay in that post calculated as if they were doing that work under the terms of the previous career grade contract.