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brazilian connection dating

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LXXInosp. The term brazil, of unk- nown origin but referring to the color red, long antedated the discovery of the New World.

Among the other names by which the new land was also known was Terra de Papagois, because of the brilliantly plu- med birds, particularly parrots 4.

brazilian connection dating

In both cases, the French sought a natural product most easily obtainable through trade with Amerindians. The products invol- ved were luxury items, catering to the tastes of the rising European bourgeoisie 5.

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The color red was also much in demand by the burgeoning tapestry industry of Flanders and France. Both furs and dye were in short supply in Europe ; in the case of the dye, before the discovery of vast stands of the tree Caesalpinia echinata and related varieties along the Brazilian coast 6, the principal source had been another relative found in India and the Orient, Caesalpinia sappan ; as for furs, rising demand had led to exhaustion of European sources, encouraging the search for new ones 7.

Fortuitously enough, in Terra Nova where were for the most part nomadic and so much more dispersed, the fur trade called for more expertise than manpower. This the provided as well. A favorite rendez- vous during the sixteenth century was Tadoussac near the mouth of the St. Lawrence at the head of the Gulf, a traditional trading place before the arrivai of Europeans.

In neither country did Europeans at first generally stay throughout the year, but came on a seasonal basis 8. In both cases, the French encouraged trade by adapting to Amerin- dian customs and practices. Once again, but this time because of difficulties of survival in the unfamiliar northern climate rather than because of national rivalries, the French had recourse to techniques they had learned in Brazil, such as ritual exchanges of gifts and " hostages ". French lads went to live with Amerindians to learn their ways and often intermarry in order to serve as " interpreters " " truchements " in sixteenth-century French ; go-betweens who in the north were be known as " coureurs-de-bois " I0.

One historian has gone so far as to refer to the latter as northern replicas of Portuguese- Brazilian mamelukes n.

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Commerce with the New World began during Columbus's epoch- making voyages. Red-painted Amerindians in the West Indies and along the Caribbean coast willingly showed Europeans the sources of their dye Later, Thevet described a similar occurrence on the Brazi- lian coast: The people of the country shewed them the Brasille tree, which they do name in their language Oraboutan, and is very fayre to looke on, the barke thereof is of gray colour withoute, and the woode is red within, and chiefly the harte, the whyche is more excellente than the reste But it was Cabrai' s landfall that revealed the best stands, as sample logs brought back indicated ; inAmerigo Vespucci took on a load at Bahia de Todos Santos I7.

In the words of Thevet. In France, it was a continuation part of the commercial " take off " which had occurred during the last quarter of the fifteenth century. In Normandy, for example, the number of trading licenses granted between and by La Compagnie de Marchands had jumped from 78 to This activity centered in Rouen, which Louis XI, who reigned on the eve of the discovery of the New Worldhoped would eventually be able to rival Bruges As luxuries such as cloth became more readily available, Europe went ona " spree of ostentation " 21 ; sumptuous- ness was the order of the day.

Portugal' s claims to the rigths of discovery in Brazil did not deter France from almost immediately dominating the exploitation of this new source of dye ". The Portuguese, supporting their case with the Papal bulls of and the Treaty of Tordesillas ofnever regar- ded the French as anything other than interlopers.

The French for their part, while claiming prior discovery, which they were never able to substantiate satisfactorily, set about entrenching themselves in the new trade by the most practical means immediately available: Allies as well as enemies quickly distinguished between Europeans, and specifically between French and Portuguese.

Hans Staden, a German mercenary ser- ving with the Portuguese who had been taken prisoner by the reported that Portuguese captured by Brazilians usually tried to claim they were French in order to avoid being eaten.

brazilian connection dating

This contrasts with their record on the Hudson River, where the political situation had not been so demanding in this regard. He even agreed to forbid importation of dyewood from India in favor of that from Brazil Despite the importance of dyewood, Portugal's Brazilian trade never did rival that of the Orient in either scale or wealth. Slaves were not a factor in the French-Brazilian trade, as France 's position was too dubious politically to allow for such a development.

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She could not even afford the convenience of permanent factories ; those she did seek to establish were soon destroyed by the Far more effective, in her particular position, were the " interpreters ", who did most of the trading, and who arranged for native produce to be picked up by visiting ships ".

Upon her return, L'Espoir was twice attacked by pirates ; however, de Gonneville mana- ged to get back to France along with a Brazilian he had with him, Essomericq. Apparently Essomericq was never able to return to his own country, but remained in France, marrying a member of de Gon- neville's family.

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Another early visit of which an even sketchier record survives was that of seven Brazilians who came to Rouen in with Captain Thomas Aubert, another of Jean Ango 's pilots It was in large measure due to the enterprise of Dieppe 's two Jean Angos, father and son, but particularly the son, that the French became such an important factor in the brazilwood trade during the first half of the sixteenth century French ships frequented the Brazil coast in such numbers that the mouth of the San Francisco River was called Porto dos Francezes by the Portuguese No results ; in fact, Por- tuguese reported more French ships than ever in Brazilian waters bet- ween and Infor instance, tons of brazilwood were unloaded at Honfleur.

The Portuguese were able to bring enough pressure on the French Court that infive ships out- fitted for Brazil were prevented from leaving Honfleur. This was only part of the picture Such measures were the work of Admirai Philippe de Chabot, who favored the Portuguese position. It was not until after Chabot's fall from royal favor in that French activity once more intensified, and trading trips again became annual events A Spanish report that year from Rio de la Plata, concerning the aban- donment of Buenos Aires because of Amerindian hostility, noted that at least 30 French ships were in South American waters ; later that same year, seven ships left Rouen to return the following year loaded with dyewood.

Innine ships registered for departure for Brazil from Rouen In the midst of this Henry II moved to curb the activities of Ango, who by this time was in effect waging his own private war with Portugal, complicating relations with France.

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The shipowner found himself facing restrictions to his commercial activities, as well as of crimes at sea. This, along with his personal extravagances, led to his ruin. Human labor was an essential ; there were no draft animais indigenous to Brazil The first ox-drawn carts were introduced in in response to the needs of the newly- established sugar plantations In the words of Thevet: I leave to youre judgement their paine and travel, and al for to get some poore or course weede and shirt " Ail the early pictorializations of this aspect of the Brazil trade show Amerindians doing the work ; this was as true at first for the Portu- guese as for the French.

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