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It took 15 years for Changi to transform from a swampy land of forest to a modern military base. The monster inch guns installed by the British bombarded Johore with little effect. It was a tactical ruse deployed by the Japanese, as they instead advanced from the western side of Singapore.

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With the invaders rapidly closed in to the city areas, the British had to withdraw the troops at Changi to defend the city. With the fall of Singapore, Changi was turned into a gigantic prison camp. It would represent a death sentence for those who were sent there, as many of them did not survive to return. It took more than year before the new runway was ready for the first aircraft to take off in late After the war, the airstrip was not destroyed by the returning British forces.

This permanently changed the face of Changi, as it evolved from an artillery base to an air base. The withdrawal of British military presence from Singapore began in The Seletar Air Base was taken over by the Singapore government a year later. The final closure arrived on the 15th of Decemberwhen the treaties were signed for a complete handover to the Singapore Armed Forces SAF.

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The history of colonial Changi finally came to an end. The disputes, however, arose from the species of the trees in which the name originated from. The legendary Changi Tree, or sindora wallichii, was a gigantic 76m-tall tree that became an obvious landmark at Changi and had to be blown off by the British with explosives in order to avoid being used by the Japanese as a map marker.

Another species was the timber tree named Chengal, or neobalanocarpus helmii, suggested by Henry Nicholas Ridleyan English botanist who served as the first director of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, to be the actual origin of the name Changi.

Chengal, however, was abundant in Peninsula Malaysia but not in Singapore. The third possibility was Chengal Pasir, or hopea sangal, but most of the Chengal trees were cleared during the construction of the military base. The last Chengal Pasir tree in Singapore, standing at Halton Road and estimated to be more than years old, was tragically chopped off without approval by a property company in It was named Selarang Barracks upon its completion in and was mainly used to house the infantry troops from Scotland.

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