Scams on christian dating sites

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scams on christian dating sites

Romance scams: ChristianMingle Romance Scam. I guess that I thought that a Christian dating site would be safe. How wrong I was. Jan 16, A year-old Californian meets a man claiming to be Irish. Before she knows it, she is embroiled in a Nigerian scam. Don't Fall Prey to Christian Dating Site Scammers – Learn How to Identify & Avoid Them. Scam. Internet dating scams are as old as the internet and become .

To answer that would take many pages but for now, I will give you some idea of what God means to me. God has been a very active part of my life, for about eleven years now. Life is a lot better when God leads me than when I jump out there and take control. I can, and most likely will if given a chance to share with you these stories of the miraculous evidences of God moving in my life.

Beware Of Scams And Sins (REVIEW)

After hearing those stories, you will understand that I owe Him much more than I can ever repay. If God points me in someone's direction I will obey, but I am not going to try to force Jesus down someone's throat. Now, if they ask or if I bring it up in conversation and they are receptive and want to know more: I let the Holy Spirit do the convicting.

OK, let me step down out off of my pulpit here. I have had only a few serious relationships in my life: I never have been big on dating around or the dreaded bar scene. Met some interesting people there, in the barsbut there is always where I left them.

I have never left with someone.

scams on christian dating sites

I value commitment very highly, and I want to invest in someone; and, I would like to get a return on those investments. Now so far as sex goes that is a capital investment and I honestly feel that when two people join together and make love you are joined and you have just given to that person a apart of yourself that you can never get back. They now share with you your intimacy, your love, and a special part of you that few people ever see.

scams on christian dating sites

Unless you are like my sister, and go for anything that moves. I say that jokingly, but in honesty I look at his life and I see no heart in it.

Christian Dating Site Scams

OK, enough about sex: I think you can get the picture. Just one note though: I went straight from God to sex! I skipped right over food, job, hobbies, goals, family etc. Just a breath on the nape of your neck When very satisfactory answers aren't supplied, it is because you have uncovered a pack of lies.

Unwillingness to communicate via the dating website is another sign that something is probably very wrong. While it's perfectly understandable to want to exchange personal email addresses, it's best to talk through the dating site until all suspicions have been cleared. Scammers don't like to do this because there will be a record of their messages to you on the site. If you think you are dealing with someone legitimate and would like to exchange email addresses just in case something happens with communication through the dating site, that's fine.

scams on christian dating sites

However, it's safer to keep communication through the dating site. Scammers, particularly those who are followers of Islam, are very evasive about the gospel. They might try to impress you with their knowledge of the Bible by quoting a few scriptures.

Nevertheless, they will not ever be specific about how they came to receive Jesus as Savior--because they do not believe in Jesus at all. They might say that they belong to a church, but will never give a name of the church or the pastor or talk about specific activities in their church.

Online Dating Scams in the Philippines - Beware

Scammers, including those who commit Christian dating scams, tend to be silent when it comes to their family members and friends. Usually, they have some sad story about the tragic loss of mother, father, and sometimes other family members. They have no friends. However, they might have fake children whom they claim to be very important to them.

They make promises to come to meet you in person, but they're always far away, usually in a foreign country attending to business. Suddenly something tragic happens. They or their child becomes deathly ill and is in need of medical care. Their half million or million dollar business deal is about to fall through.

The list of fake tragedies is a very long one.

5 Ways to Spot Common Online Dating Scams (And 9 Trustworthy Sites)

What matters is that you are asked to financially help them so that things can get back to normal for the two of you to start your lives together. Be aware that some people have been swindled by someone they met once in person.

scams on christian dating sites

It's difficult to keep lies straight, so scammers might make mistakes such as these, hoping you won't notice. Scammers don't like to waste time with people on whom they can't prey, so they tend to quickly go silent. However, be aware that they might attempt to make you feel guilty for being an uncaring Christian.

This might be seen with those who are attempting Christian dating scams. Please don't fall for it. Online dating fake profiles, Nigerian Internet dating scams, and Christian dating scams can be completely avoided if you heed the warning signs. This allows you to keep access to so many more people whom you might not ever meet offline.

Highly Recommended Christian Books Don't be deceived! The Bible deals with this very disturbing topic. Lost Romance Found Can black magic interfere with love?

scams on christian dating sites