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dating site review bloggers

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It is an ongoing disagreement that had endured since at least the time of the Greeks, and it has been documented in fables, like The Town Mouse and the Country Mouseone of the more popular tales from Aesop's Fables. Farmers Only plays on this juxtaposition to attract like-minded clientele to their website and sign up for their dating services.

Farming is Hard Other than that, Farmers Only relies entirely on like-minded people performing manual searches to find relationship naturally. Once logged in, the users get an editable username and the option to add more details about themselves, like an avatar, likes and dislike, and other biographical information. So simple is kind of a necessity. This may not be true every day, but, you get the general gist of it. Dating Mobile Apps That said, though, country folks are just as tech-savvy as the rest of us, and Farmers Only knew that they had to develop a mobile dating platform for both Android and Apple.

And it is a good thing that they did, as the mobile apps account for around 2.

dating site review bloggers

Still, the full computer website is true to its roots and still accounts for about 50 percent of logins. And the site itself offers a blog with allegorical and whimsical stories, recipes, farming tips and tricks, and a link to the Farmers Only online store, which features hand gadgets and tools. The Farmers Only Process: Quick and Simple The process is really is quite easy, as reported in this article. After filling out that info, you will be assigned a username and a profile.

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You may change the profile name or leave it, and you may also you upload a picture and fill out as much information as you are comfortable providing. Matching Process As discussed, there is no enhanced matching algorithm.

But instead, the site uses a process that is decidedly more granular and manual in nature. This is where you choose to form a basic set of personality traits, and mark them as like or dislike. From here, your profile is pretty much set up. And you can perform a standard search using a limited set of filters to narrow down your potential matches. The standard search allows you to search by age range and a few other criteria.

But filters like marital status, ethnicity, body type, and relationship desired can only be unlocked with a paid account. The Good, Bad, and Ugly Search results are, evidently, displayed in groups of And all you have to do is click on a profile to connect with a person you like. People have also reported that the site has taken advantage of them financially. Ease of Setting up an Account: Hard In order to setup your account, you must fill out pages upon pages of detailed questions about you and your preferences.

Yes, this can technically be seen as a good thing. However, the downside is that you also MUST fill out this information. You have to fill out everything before even gaining access to the online portal.

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Medium — Easy The structure of the site is a bit messy, and the overall vibe is a bit forced and impersonal. However, the site does function rather well, making it pretty easy to navigate. Medium The profile content is at a pretty average value.

dating site review bloggers

That being said, the content is also better than a few of the other dating sites out there. I would say the overall quality is very lackluster. The website also has its own filtering process, which actually selects the matches that are right for you.

dating site review bloggers

The site offers a very high level of privacy. There are actually many great people who use Elite Singles!