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watch laurel and hardy blotto online dating

Laurel and Hardy Filmography Year refers to date of commencement of filming. .. Of course, the clock is smashed by a truck on the way home. When I watch the Laurel and Hardy films, Stan's accent doesn't sound that close to .. and while the bad music is horribly dated, their comic work is timeless. In terms of shorts, Blotto, The Music Box, County Hospital, Night Owls, . (this is the internet, you can't expect me to fact check, before commenting). Stan Laurel is shown with Anita Garvin, who played his wife in Blotto, girlfriend has a photograph which she'll use to incriminate Hardy as an.

But you could imagine with these other people, like Gable, trying to speak German, and saying just yes or no—it would be impossible. So, I stopped—because the Metro people were one hundred percent right.

As a result, some of the two- and three-reel domestic films were lengthened to four or five reels. Sadly, she died at 24 in August La Vida Nocturna follows the basic story line of Blotto: Laurel is aware of the plot, however, and replaces the booze with cold tea, mixed with an unappetizing variety of spices and additives.

A new gag involves an errant bottle of seltzer which sprays onto a chair, which is then sat upon by an unsuspecting dowager. The floor show concludes with a hoochy-coochy dancer whose gyrations, one suspects, might not have passed the American censors even during this Pre-Code era.

The sequence in which the boys begin to laugh uproariously at their own cleverness was entirely re-shot to include Linda Loredo in the background, and is just as convincing as it is in the English-language version, showing that Laurel and Hardy were truly remarkable actors in any language. Politiquerias Politiquerias, based on Chickens Come Home, is almost twice the length of the three-reel original and has more additional footage than any of the foreign-language pictures which have surfaced to date.

Most of these new scenes do not involve Laurel and Hardy, but they are precious, fascinating and wildly entertaining nonetheless. As with La Vida Nocturna, most of the new footage gives the spotlight to other entertainers whose contributions have little to do with the plot. Good as Cantu is, nothing can surpass the truly unforgettable performance of Hadji Ali, a professional regurgitator. The Hoose Gow Released November 16, The boys are wrongly imprisoned and end up in a labour camp.

Stan and Ollie appear as magicians in this all-star revue. Double Whoopee Released May 18, Silent. Stan and Ollie are the new doorman and bellboy at a posh hotel. Big Business Released April 20, Silent. Christmas tree salesmen Stan and Ollie are somewhat unsuccessful in their efforts to make a sale.

watch laurel and hardy blotto online dating

Their last attempt starts out as a simple case of rejection and ends up as an full scale battle. Berth Marks Released June 1, Vaudevillians, Stan and Ollie, are on a train heading to Pottsville. After accidentally causing the other passengers to engage in a clothes ripping melee, the boys become entwined with one another while changing into their pyjamas in their sleeping quarters.

The boys have a subpoena to repossess a radio from Edgar Kennedy, which they eventually get A goat follows Stan and Ollie everywhere, after Stan gives it some food. They end up taking it home and attempt to give it a bath because it smells so terrible. School's Out No Synopsis Available. The boys play the sidekicks to Yegor, a young rebel who fights against the Cossacks whenever he is not singing, of course. Yegor falls in love with the sister of the Cossack leader. Stan and Ollie are here purely for comic relief.

No complete print of this film is known to exist. Night Owls Released January 4, Kennedy sets it up so that he can make the arrest, with the promise that he will get the boys off after he catches them. While fishing at the pier, Ollie tells Stan about Ebenezer Laurel, a wealthy man, who has died and that all relatives should make themselves present for the reading of the will.

The boys arrive on a rainy night only to discover that Ebenezer was murdered. Hog Wild Released May 31, Ollie attempts to erect a radio aerial upon the roof, until Stan arrives causing no end of chaos, and sending Ollie crashing to the ground. Brats Released March 22, The boys must spend the night babysitting their sons, who are pint-sized versions of their fathers.

As the title implies, their sons are less than angelic in their antics. Blotto Released February 8, Stan sneaks out of the house with Ollie, unaware that the bottle of liquour he has procured has been "doctored" by Mrs Laurel.

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Below Zero Released April 26, Stan and Ollie are down-and-out musicians, who find a lost wallet, which unfortunately for them is the property of the local cop, who they take for a meal, with the intention of paying with the money they have found. Bear Shooters No synopsis available. Another Fine Mess Released November 29, While Colonel Buckshot is on safari, Stan and Ollie seek shelter in his basement.

But when a young couple wishes to rent the home, Ollie must pass himself off as the Colonel, while Stan pretends to be both the maid and the butler. This film is a reworking of the silent short, Duck Soup. The Boys play assistants to a detective in this all-star short. Pardon Us Released August 15, The boys sell some home made alcohol to a cop during the prohibition. Sentenced to prison, they find it difficult to get along with their tough cell mate. After a prison break, they end up amongst the cotton fields where they are eventually caught.

They inadvertently thwart another prison break, which eventually gets them pardoned. Our Wife Released May 16, Due to the Bride's Father's objection to the marriage, Ollie and his fiancee are forced to elope.

One Good Turn Released October 31, When a sweet old lady provides a meal for Stan and Ollie, they overhear a villain threatening to evict her because her mortgage money has been stolen.

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To help the lady, the boys try to sell their car. A drunk, bidding on the car at an auction, accidentally sticks his wallet in Stan's pocket. When Ollie discovers Stan's new found fortune, he hands him over to the old lady as the thief.

The result is that Ollie has made a "faux pas," because the old lady was only rehearsing for a play. Laughing Gravy Released April 4, Stan and Ollie attempt to smuggle their dog into their room. However preventing the Landlord from finding out seems to become a full time occupation. Come Clean Released September 19, Stan and Ollie go out to fetch some ice cream, when they stumble upon a woman about to throw herself off of a bridge.

They stop her, only to find out that she now finds them responsible for her being alive and therefore they must now take care of her or she'll accuse them of trying to kill her.

Chickens Come Home Released February 21, Fertilizer salesman Ollie is running for mayor.

watch laurel and hardy blotto online dating

But an affair he had years ago has come back to haunt him. While Ollie and his wife are hosting a dinner party, Stan tries, without success to keep the woman under control. When she turns up at the party, Ollie's happy evening and political career come to a somewhat abrupt end.

This film is a remake of the silent short, Love 'Em and Weep. Devastated at being ditched by his true love "Jeanie-Weenie," Ollie decides to join the Foreign Legion in order to forget. Of course, Stan must go along too.

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The boys find themselves up against a tough Commandant who sends them to Fort Arid to protect the fort from the "Riffs. Be Big Released February 7, The boys are almost on their way to Atlantic City with their wives, when Ollie gets a phone call from a "lodge" buddy. The buddy tells Ollie that a party is being held in their honour that very evening. Ollie fakes an illness and sends the wives on ahead, promising that he and Stan will meet them in the morning.

Stan and Ollie are mobile fishmongers, who decide to buy a boat to save money. Naturally the boat is a wreck, although somehow the boys manage to restore it to it's former glory, only to end up destroying it again.

Their First Mistake Released November 5, Hardy is upset that her husband spends too much time with Stan. So Stan suggests that Ollie adopts a baby, to occupy his wife so that they could go out. However,when they return home with the baby, the boys find out that Mrs.

Hardy has filed for a divorce. Released September 10, Having been banned from town by an angry judge, the boys help out a drunk and take him home. The drunk leaves when he realizes that he is in the wrong house. The boys innocently help the lady of the house, who has passed out, by plying her with what they believe to be water, but is in fact neat gin. Her husband comes home to find his wife sozzled, along with Stan and Ollie. The boys search for the girl's grandparents.

watch laurel and hardy blotto online dating

All that they know is their last name is Smith and they live in New York. On the Loose Released December 26, The Music Box Released April 16, In this well known, and possibly best remembered film, Stan and Ollie have to deliver a piano They resort to making a block and tackle, to attempt to haul the piano through the window.

Helpmates Released January 23, Ollie is in big trouble; his wife is due home at midday and his house is a complete wreck from a party the night before. He calls Stan to help him. The house eventually gets cleaned up, in spite of Stan's help.

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While Ollie goes to fetch his wife, Stan tries to build a fire in the fireplace. Ollie returns home with a black eye, no wife, and sees that Stan has accidentally burned down Ollie's home. County Hospital Released June 25, Thanks to Stan's efforts, a recuperating Ollie is discharged early from the hospital. While waiting for Ollie to be discharged, Stan accidentally injects himself with a sedative filled needle.

With a heavily sedated Stan driving, the journey home is somewhat eventful. The Chimp Released May 21, When the circus goes bankrupt, Stan wins the flea circus and Ollie wins "Ethel" the chimp in lieu of their salary. The boys have their work cut out for them trying to get Ethel past their landlord, whose wife is also named Ethel. Chaos reigns when the landlord hears the name Ethel coming from the boys' room.

Strikingly similar to Laughing Gravy in some respects, although considerably more complexed and funnier. Released March 5, After the Manager of The Boys' hotel vows vengeance upon them for ruining his marriage plans, they hit the streets in need of some quick cash. Stan enters a boxing match to win some money, and naturally finds that his opponent is none other than the hotel manager.

The boys have a cameo in this Our Gang short, once again playing children as in Brats. Twice Two Released February 25, The boys are celebrating their wedding anniversaries, as a result of marrying each others' sister. Hardy don't seem to be able to function any better together than their husbands. Sons of the Desert Released December 29, The boys take an oath at their lodge, pledging that they will attend the annual convention in Chicago.

Unfortunately, their wives won't let them go. So Ollie fakes illness, telling his wife that the only cure is a voyage at sea. He insists that Stan goes with him.

As they return from the convention, they find that the ship they were supposidly on has sunk and many of the passengers are missing. The Midnight Patrol Released August 3, Officers Laurel and Hardy are sent to investigate a man breaking into a house. Unfortunately they lose the address. When they find the house, they break in in order to get their man. However, the man is none other than their Chief.

Me and My Pal Released April 22, Ollie is to marry the daughter of a rich oil merchant James Finlayson. However, on the big day, Stan arrives with his wedding present ,a jigsaw puzzle, which everyone becomes obsessed with completing. Dirty Work Released November 25, Stan and Ollie visit a mad professor, to clean his chimney, and become embroiled in his experiments. Reviewed November The Devil's Brother Stan and Ollie have their life's savings stolen by a bandit.

They decide to become bandits themselves, in order to get their money back. Ollie takes the name of Fra Diavolo, a ruthless bandit known by all. Unfortunately, their first victim is the real Fra Diavolo. After being captured, the boys are forced to become the henchmen of the evil bandit.