The latest buzz noah and rebecca start dating

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the latest buzz noah and rebecca start dating

By the way, this sets before Noah and Rebecca started dating. Like Season 1. Rebecca groaned, at glared at her laptop screen. She heard a. The following is a list of episodes from the sitcom The Latest Buzz. The show premiered on . Rebecca and Noah go on a homework date; Michael vows to change his ways and becomes more zen; and Wilder .. Noah and Amanda are doing a video on bullying and Noah starts to take full control and Amanda doesn't like it. Noah Jackson, the practical joker who has a crush on Rebecca. Michael doesn 't like her that way, but starts dating her in the third season and having an.

Rebecca said a small sorry before turning to answer her phone. He listened to what she was saying.

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I've told you, not to call when I'm working. Make it quick, I've got to finish and article. The deadline is tonight. Thank you for telling me. Which really, was not working.

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Rebecca turned to her laptop, looking rather sad, but everyone was to busy to notice Rebecca rubbed her temple, and looked at her laptop screen. Noah watched as she started typing like crazy. In less than half an hour she was done. She went over to the printer and waited for it to print. She yanked it out of the printer, and stormed into DJ's office, gaining everyone's attention. I think I know who that phone call was from," He said outloud. She seems pretty mad. Only he can make her that angry.

And since Rebecca is as forgiving as she is, she is still with him. Even after multiple times he's cheated on her.

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Everyone watched, as Rebecca ran out of DJ's office, with her head down, and ran into the open elevator as someone walked in. DJ peeked out of her office door.

I told her that her article was great. DJ's fangirl side came out, and she walked out of her office. Noah, go down and find her. He waited until the elevator stopped. He walked out of the door and looked around. Where would she be I am so sorry! I didn't mean to trip you! There was a difference from when he had seen her before. This time, she was crying, and her makeup, though she was barely wearing any, was running.

But why are you crying, exactly? Noah softened, and awkwardly hugged the new girl. Everyone's up there worried why the little nerdy Rebecca ran off. What are your grades? But that doesn't mean anything! Do you take risks?

the latest buzz noah and rebecca start dating

This took Noah by a total surprise. And I like it? I haven't felt like this with any of my other girlfriends But I just met this girl I didn't even know she existed an hour ago. Why am I still doing it?!

(113) The Latest Buzzz - The Gala Issue - Part 1

Why am I liking this? Why am I kissing him?! Oh come on, you like it.

the latest buzz noah and rebecca start dating

Normal POV She pulled away as soon as the kiss started. She had a blush spreading across her face, and his eyes were wide.

the latest buzz noah and rebecca start dating

Rebecca had a terrible excuse however. Well, I was just I was just proving a point! But that backfires too, leaving Amanda desperate to share a kiss with Wilder. Michael gets offered a job in a movie alongside Dex Cobra, but he tells himself he can't take the part because every time his life is going right, it turns into a disaster.

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DJ tries to convince him otherwise, but he just won't listen, until Mr. Shepherd convinces him to say yes, which he does.

the latest buzz noah and rebecca start dating

He almost loses hope again when Dex Cobra is late to pick him up, but when he comes he is extremely excited. DJ is trying to plan her and Mr. Shepherd's wedding, a big traditional wedding with lots of guests, etc. Shepherd says that "he doesn't want this" and DJ takes it as him not wanting to marry her.

the latest buzz noah and rebecca start dating

Noah tells Rebecca that when his first article was published, he thought he couldn't be happier, but then he fell in love with Rebecca.

He says that he had an incredible two years, and wouldn't want that opportunity to be taken away from anyone else. This makes Rebecca realize that although it is upsetting to leave the Buzz, it is for the best. At the airport, Wilder doesn't want to kiss Amanda because he wants it to be special. Amanda boards the plane in a huff, saying that the world is full of lips, and she will find a pair to kiss anyway, and Wilder sulks at the gate.

Amanda returns, saying she got the plane to turn around, and convinces that Wilder that they don't have to be at a special place or time, or with special music playing, because they will be sharing the kiss with each other, and that is what makes it special.

They share a very passionate kiss and Amanda doesn't board the plane again, going back to the office for a surprise event. Michael plans a "Pity Party" for DJ, which includes wearing her wedding dress and ruining everything that Mr. Shepherd gave her, but when they exit her office, in her full wedding dress she finds everyone there, set for a simple, but special wedding.