Relative and absolute dating quizlet pharmacology

relative and absolute dating quizlet pharmacology

Sterols, bacterial lipids, and some pigment molecules, which are relatively resistant to decomposition, that accumulate in sedimentary rocks radiometric dating. A stone circular complex dating to B.C. that lies as the heart of a Stone Age sacred landscape. Discovered by John . relative chronology Dating in calender years before the present, absolute dating Pharm- Medications R/T surgery. relative dating. events are placed in order in which time required for one half of the atoms of a radioactive substance to decay. radiometric dating. procedure of.

Orange juice contains a greater amount of vitamin C than apple juice. Oxybutynin chloride Ditropan XL is prescribed for a client with neurogenic bladder. Which sign would indicate a possible toxic effect related to this medication? Oral iron supplements are prescribed for a 6-year-old child with iron deficiency anemia. The nurse instructs the mother to administer the iron with which best food item? Orange juice Cilostazol Pletal is being prescribed for a client with coronary artery disease.

The nurse knows that which is the major purpose for antiplatelet drug therapy? To dissolve the blood clot b. To decrease tissue necrosis c. To inhibit hepatic synthesis of vitamin K d.

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To suppress platelet aggregation Which of the following statements from a newly diagnosed client with diabetes indicates more instruction is needed? Liver function tests Rationale: Dose-related liver damage is the most serious adverse effect of dantrolene. To reduce the risk of liver damage, liver function tests should be performed before treatment and periodically throughout the treatment course.

It is administered in the lowest effective dosage for the shortest time necessary. A nurse is reviewing the laboratory studies on a client receiving dantrolene sodium Dantrium. Which laboratory test would identify an adverse effect associated with the administration of this medication? Blood urea nitrogen 4. Hematological function tests The nurse is assessing the client for possible evidence of digitalis toxicity.

The nurse acknowledges that which is included in the signs and symptoms for digitalis toxicity? Pulse of 72 with an irregular rate c.

A nurse is providing instructions to an adolescent who has a history of seizures and is taking an anticonvulsant medication.

relative and absolute dating quizlet pharmacology

The nurse will expect the neonate to be: Hypoglycemic, small for gestational age Hyperglycemic, large for gestational age Hypoglycemic, large for gestational age Hyperglycemic, small for gestational age Which of the following instructions should be included in the nurse's teaching regarding oral contraceptives? Weight gain should be reported to the physician. An alternate method of birth control is needed when taking antibiotics. If the client misses one or more pills, two pills should be taken per day for 1 week.

Changes in the menstrual flow should be reported to the physician. The nurse is discussing breastfeeding with a postpartum client. Breastfeeding is contraindicated in the postpartum client with: Diabetes Hypertension Thyroid disease A client is admitted to the labor and delivery unit complaining of vaginal bleeding with very little discomfort.

The nurse's first action should be to: Assess the fetal heart tones Check for cervical dilation Check for firmness of the uterus Obtain a detailed history A client telephones the emergency room stating that she thinks that she is in labor. The nurse should tell the client that labor has probably begun when: Her contractions are 2 minutes apart. She has back pain and a bloody discharge.

relative and absolute dating quizlet pharmacology

She experiences abdominal pain and frequent urination. Her contractions are 5 minutes apart. The nurse is teaching a group of prenatal clients about the effects of cigarette smoke on fetal development.

relative and absolute dating quizlet pharmacology

Which characteristic is associated with babies born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy? Low birth weight Preterm birth, but appropriate size for gestation Growth retardation in weight and length The physician has ordered an injection of RhoGam for the postpartum client whose blood type is A negative but whose baby is O positive. To provide postpartum prophylaxis, RhoGam should be administered: Within 72 hours of delivery Within 1 week of delivery Within 2 weeks of delivery Within 1 month of delivery After the physician performs an amniotomy, the nurse's first action should be to assess the: Degree of cervical dilation Client's vital signs Client's level of discomfort A client is admitted to the labor and delivery unit.

Based on the nurse's assessment the client is in which phase of labor? Active Transition Early A newborn with narcotic abstinence syndrome is admitted to the nursery. Nursing care of the newborn should include: Teaching the mother to provide tactile stimulation Wrapping the newborn snugly in a blanket Placing the newborn in the infant seat Initiating an early infant-stimulation program A client elects to have epidural anesthesia to relieve the discomfort of labor.

Following the initiation of epidural anesthesia, the nurse should give priority to: Checking for cervical dilation Placing the client in a supine position Checking the client's blood pressure Obtaining a fetal heart rate The nurse is aware that the best way to prevent post- operative wound infection in the surgical client is to: Administer a prescribed antibiotic Wash her hands for 2 minutes before care Wear a mask when providing care Ask the client to cover her mouth when she coughs The elderly client is admitted to the emergency room.

Which symptom is the client with a fractured hip most likely to exhibit? Pain Cool extremity Absence of pedal pulses The nurse knows that a year-old female client's susceptibility to osteoporosis is most likely related to: Lack of exercise Lack of calcium Genetic predisposition A 2-year-old is admitted for repair of a fractured femur and is placed in Bryant's traction. Which finding by the nurse indicates that the traction is working properly?

The infant no longer complains of pain. The legs are suspended in the traction. The pins are secured within the pulley.

relative and absolute dating quizlet pharmacology

A client with a fractured hip has been placed in Buck's traction. Which statement is true regarding balanced skeletal traction? Utilizes a Steinman pin Requires that both legs be secured Utilizes Kirschner wires Is used primarily to heal the fractured hips The client is admitted for an open reduction internal fixation of a fractured hip.

Immediately following surgery, the nurse should give priority to assessing the: Serum collection Davol drain Nutritional status Immobilizer Which statement made by the family member caring for the client with a percutaneous gastrostomy tube indicates understanding of the nurse's teaching? Which information requires notification of the doctor? Bleeding on the dressing is 3cm in diameter. The urinary output has been 60 during the last 2 hours.

The nurse is caring for the client with a 5-year-old diagnosis of plumbism. Which information in the health history is most likely related to the development of plumbism?

The client has traveled out of the country in the last 6 months. The client's parents are skilled stained-glass artists. The client lives in a house built in 1 The client has several brothers and sisters. A client with a total hip replacement requires special equipment. Which equipment would assist the client with a total hip replacement with activities of daily living? High-seat commode TENS unit Abduction pillow An elderly client with an abdominal surgery is admitted to the unit following surgery.

In anticipation of complications of anesthesia and narcotic administration, the nurse should: Administer oxygen via nasal cannula Have narcan naloxane available Prepare to administer blood products Prepare to do cardioresuscitation Which roommate would be most suitable for the 6-year-old male with a fractured femur in Russell's traction?

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Which instruction should be included in the discharge teaching? Take the medication with milk. Remain upright after taking for 30 minutes. Allow 6 weeks for optimal effects. A client with a fractured tibia has a plaster-of-Paris cast applied to immobilize the fracture.

Which action by the nurse indicates understanding of a plaster-of-Paris cast? Handles the cast with the fingertips Petals the cast Dries the cast with a hair dryer Allows 24 hours before bearing weight The teenager with a fiberglass cast asks the nurse if it will be okay to allow his friends to autograph his cast. Which response would be best? During pin care, she notes that the LPN uses sterile gloves and Q-tips to clean the pin. Which action should the nurse take at this time?

Which action specific to the spica cast should be taken? Check the bowel sounds Offer pain medication Check for swelling The client with a cervical fracture is placed in traction. Which type of traction will be utilized at the time of discharge? Russell's traction Halo traction Crutchfield tong traction A client with a total knee replacement has a CPM continuous passive motion device applied during the post-operative period. Which statement made by the nurse indicates understanding of the CPM machine?

The nurse is aware that the correct use of the walker is achieved if the: