Pros and cons of dating a fireman

Pro’s and Con’s of Being a FireWife | Firefighter Wife

pros and cons of dating a fireman

So my best friend and I were discussing the benifits and challenges of dating someone who is in Fire/EMS versus someone who has no. Sep 28, 15 Reasons to Date a Firefighter If a firefighter asks you out, say yes. Here's why: Related to #2, firefighters are pros at mouth-to-mouth. 4. Apr 12, Your firefighter, society, and personal stories can teach you only a couple things about dating a career firefighter. To save time, I have compiled.

They are usually the first ones to respond in emergencies such as earthquakes and floods. You can be sure that there will be little to no mental hangups that might ruin the evening when you spend time with a firefighter.

What Nobody Tells You About Dating a Career Firefighter – The Lady and the Firefighter

You may never experience the problem of amusing them whenever they are bored at work or at home. They make their presence known from time to time though; its just that they know how to spend their time in a very productive manner. They Are Great Problem Solvers.

When you have a firefighter by your side, you can be sure that problems are solved in a very efficient and quick manner.

pros and cons of dating a fireman

Having someone in your life that you can count on gives a reassuring feeling. They Have Superhuman Senses. They are the first responders to an emergency situation, and no other occupation will save that poor kid from a burning building in a single bound than a firefighter. Any photos or videos in this blog post are not owned by the author or the site. Rights are credited to their owner. Click here to see original article: Dating a Firefighter Original image is from: Sweet for the pocket book, but hard on the family.

The kids don't understand why Dad has to be gone for two days and you are left with whatever plans you had as a family that day. Sometimes you have to cancel them, or you just have to buck up and do it all by yourself.

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It used to frequently make me want to cry, but there is no use in fighting it. It is what it is. It is my husband's way of providing for his family. Pros and Cons about Dating A Uniformed Professional

Praise God he is so faithful at it. I try not to get angry anymore. I try to be understanding and grateful. Third, be careful when he walks in that door in the morning. Don't just start piling on the lists or complaints of what this child did and what "heck" you have been through the last 24 hours on the home front.

pros and cons of dating a fireman

You don't know what he has seen or done. He might have been up since 1: I learned this the hard way. Several years back, my husband came home in the morning and was unusually quiet.

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I remember nagging and complaining to him about something. I thought he was just being a grump and pushed even more. Later that afternoon, he finally told me that he had been on a SIDS victim. He was trying to come to grips with it in his mind. I noticed him holding his children tighter and not getting so frustrated with them. Was I a safe person for him to talk with?

No, I had my own agenda. It broke my heart. Firefighters are special people.

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They are not usually very emotional and they deal with the stuff they see differently than most people. It is what makes them able to do their job. Be available, always if they want to talk.

Consider it a privilege that they would share their feelings with you at all. Most of them don't talk about their feelings with each other, instead they use a morbid sense of humor to deal with the stuff they see.

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Dating a Firefighter

Fourth, always ask if they slept. This is my way of being nosey in a sneaky way. He isn't just going to tell me about all the calls he has. He isn't going to waste his breath telling me about the heavy lady that fell for the 3rd time that day that called to have them pick her up and put her back in bed, or the stupid fire alarms that go off automatically at 3: If I ask how he slept, then he sometimes says, "I didn't get to sleep until 3: