Past life relationship issues and dating

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past life relationship issues and dating

Past life issues arise from the subconscious, where all time is now. Have you ever met someone and had an intense relationship with them. Past-Life-Relationships-mainpost He had no particular stress or health problems at the time, was allergic to first began when he was out on a first date with a woman he had just met and to whom he was very attracted. Meeting someone from a past life usually feels amazing, but sometimes, bad memories or feelings could come up due to your past relationship together. Just be.

He gave me everything to give to you. As a very young child I had always had the vision of a past life being a Knights Templar burned at the stake. I was robbed of my love to a woman. I went back to source and stayed. The next thing I remember was shining like a star …so brightly…and being approached to re-enter the world with a destiny greater than any human had had before… I am this man now. I missed a reincarnation that separated me from this woman.

I found her again!! I am the very same vibration as her, we are the same in every aspect. All details have proven true for us. Dates times and passions all coincide to bring us together again. I was nervous to speak to him. He used to walk past my locker every day and with his gf and he and I would just make eye contact while he walked. We had a class together the next year, his gf had it too. He talked to me every day there and sometimes ignored her. It was so obvious I liked him that the teacher put him next to me every time she changed seats and always smiled at me when he and I would make each other laugh.

The next year went the same way. The year after that we had P. The only girls were me and two of my other best friends.

past life relationship issues and dating

He would stare at me from across the room daily and smile, probably at my blushing. Every time he made a basket in Basketball he would look at me. He called me pretty 7 times, once at Homecoming in front of other people. He compliments me, gets annoyed when I judge myself, stands up for me when I get picked on, even if his friends did it; cussed out a girl for insulting me and told her never to talk to him again, told me he loves me as a friend, thanked me for always being there for him, and said he appreciates me.

Ten of my friends have crushed on him.

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When one that still does blushed and said hello loudly and enthusiastically, he looked irritated and grunted. When I blushed and mumbled it, his eyes lit up and he replied happily. He recently broke up with his gf of two and a half years dif. My heart feels like electricity is coursing through it when I speak with him, my pulse races, my throat feels as if there is a lump in it, I get warmer, my body shakes slightly, I stammer, and I blush heavily.

Yes, even after all this time. We have this creepy thing where every time we are in the same room, we stare at each other. A lot of times when I walk in his eyes are already on me so I hold his gaze until I feel my cheeks get hot and then I get embarrassed and look at the floor. At the end of the year he came to my last class a lot and out of the corner of my eye I would see him looking at me.

One time specifically he did and I looked over and smiled and he did too but I began to blush so I put my head down on my arms. When I looked later, he was looking at me smirking. If you are like the majority of my clients, you probably have a dozen or more soul mates out there just waiting to meet you again. I find this thought far more encouraging than the thought of being limited to having only one soul-mate.

If you become parted from someone you love and your love is reciprocated, you surely will meet again to continue the relationship until it has run its due course. I usually have found that the get-acquainted period is extremely brief in such cases. This is because, at soul level, you both know your present relationship is a continuation of a dance begun long ago.

One thing for certain, all unfinished business eventually will be dealt with and completed, if not in one life than in another. The following is an example of such a relationship: Until then, he seldom, if ever, had a headache. The thing that baffled him most was why they started for no apparent reason.

During his pre-regression interview he told me his headaches first began when he was out on a first date with a woman he had just met and to whom he was very attracted. The evening, which had been very pleasant ended with him feeling as if his brain were about to explode. In fact, the pain was so severe he barely was able to drive; consequently, he stopped at a hospital emergency room on his way home where he was given a shot to ease his pain.

Oddly, they would usually manifest after he took her home from a date. By the time I saw him, he was already deeply in love with her. Because of the comfortable way he felt when they were together, he wondered if there might be a past-life connection. Even though he was crazy about her, he never had mentioned marriage, despite the fact he had thought about it several times. They always used to meet at a local speakeasy where he knew she would be safe.

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This was because everyone knew she was his girl. Blinded by jealously and rage, he attacked the man, beating and kicking him to a pulp. He then slapped his girlfriend across the face and stomped out of the place. His life no longer meant anything to him.

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After writing a brief note of apology for slapping her, he went to his dresser, opened the top drawer and took out a chrome-plated caliber pistol. He then placed the muzzle of the pistol to his right temple and, in one last moment of anguish, he blew out his brains. As his corpse slumped to the floor, he found himself floating above it just as his girlfriend burst into his room and threw herself across his body. As she screamed how much she loved him, she sobbingly declared the only reason she allowed another man to sit beside her was to make him jealous enough to ask her to marry him.

Although he felt no emotion while viewing the scene, he was aware she truly did love him. Now he deeply regretted what he had done. Before leaving the death scene, he also was aware of her making a vow to be with him again. After that, his Higher-Self told him his feelings of hatred, rage, betrayal and retained grief from that incarnation were the underlying cause of his headaches.

Knowing this, he chose to take them to the Light and dump them. It all ended after a few days when each tearfully promised the other to meet again some day, but at the same time, really knowing it would never happen.

past life relationship issues and dating

The surprising thing about this affair, however, was that no sooner had she left her lover behind, her grief ceased and she felt wonderfully free, content and at peace with herself. To resolve her dilemma, she came to be regressed several years after that affair ended. The causal lifetime for her feelings occurred in France over years ago.

past life relationship issues and dating

In that life she had been married to a young soldier who went off to war but never returned. He died in battle without having the chance to say goodbye. She died several years later without ever knowing for sure what had happened to him. She only knew she longed to see him again and to love him just once more.

During the regression, it was discovered her German lover was her long-lost French husband. They, at last had their chance to meet again, to make love to each other again and finally to say farewell. Their appointment was kept, and something left unfinished for over years finally was concluded during their brief holiday romance. Sometimes, clearing them leaves a person happy and sometimes sad, but one always feels more complete for having made the contact.

Contrary to popular fiction, many of our past loves were rag-clad, horrible smelling wretches who had dirty, matted lice-ridden hair and rotten teeth, if any at all. Bathtubs, dentists and dry-cleaners were unknown on the human scene until recently. This reminds me of a woman I regressed into a prehistoric lifetime where, according to her, her mate was really ugly.

Joan, a recent widow, had come to be regressed because she had loved her deceased husband very much. She wanted to know if they had been together in another lifetime, and if so, she desired nothing more than to go back to their very first life together. The lifetime she was regressed into was prehistoric.

As she described him, her utter distaste for his physical appearance was obvious. There absolutely was no enthusiasm on her part ever to go into that lifetime.

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Soon she realized there was much more to true love than a handsome face. Before the session ended, she found herself deeply in love with this man who always protected and loved her. I found it interesting to witness her transition as she moved through her present-day value system into the one she had had when she lived in caves. As you might already have guessed, the cave man had been her now recently deceased husband.

For example, you meet a young man, fall madly in love with him, marry and have children. You love each other very much, and your sex life is fantastic. Then one night while making love, you suddenly feel that what you are doing is wrong. Feelings of aversion to any sexual contact with your partner sweep through you, and for no known reason you begin to feel guilty about having sex with him. At first you may shrug off these totally inappropriate feelings, chalking them up to stress, overwork or just a temporary hormonal imbalance, but the feelings of repulsion and guilt continue to intensify over the ensuing months.

Neither you, your mate nor your marriage counselor can understand what has happened to your once perfect marriage, which now is falling apart because you refuse to have sex with your husband. At some level, the feelings from the past relationship bleed through into the present.

The trigger to this may be reaching a certain age, an inadvertent glance, a particular mannerism or some action taken by either one of you. In one such case, the trigger was the husband giving his wife a pair of diamond post earrings.

Soulmates, Past Life Relationships, and Addiction

Her acceptance of his gift unconsciously triggered a time in her past when her husband had been her father who had given her a pair of diamond post earrings on her sixteenth birthday. Through regression, she was able to change her unconscious misperception, and release the inappropriate feelings from the past, which were damaging to their present relationship.

Thereafter, everything between her and her husband returned to the way it previously had been. In another case, a male client lost all sexual interest in his wife after giving her a pearl necklace. As she accepted the gift, he flashed on her playing the part of his mother in an earlier life. Again, the present relationship suffered until he was able to release his inappropriate feelings. In most any case, once the truth has been unearthed and the detrimental feelings and distorted perceptions of the mate are released, the present-life relationship can be salvaged.

However, there are some people who are unable or unwilling to release their former feelings. The following is such a case. As Lynette, a middle-aged woman, sat across from me in my office, her eyes filled with tears as she talked.

She told me she had been deeply in love with her husband of eleven years. According to her, they had a wonderful life together. She said she had never met a man with whom she could communicate or respond to as passionately as she did with him. Best of all, he apparently felt the same way about her. After discussing what a wonderful marriage she had for about fifteen minutes, she finally got around to telling me why she wanted to be regressed.

Despite everything she had going for her in her marriage, she was unable to feel intimate with her husband. For instance, she never allowed him to hold her hand. When he tried, she quickly withdrew her hand from his, a practice which had become embarrassing to her.

For the answer to her dilemma, we had to go back about years to a time when she and her husband were living in England near the coast. Nearly everyday they spent many hours together walking, hand in hand, along the cliffs watching the sea breaking on the rocks below. Their relationship truly was a romantic and intimate relationship.

But because he was a seaman, he had to go out to sea for several months at a time. Each time he left, she faithfully vowed to wait for him until he returned.