Murdoc and noodle dating sim

are murdoc and noodle in love? and is 2d really noodles brother? - Gorillaz Wiki

murdoc and noodle dating sim

Murdoc Niccals Murdoc Gorillaz, Gorillaz Art, Jamie Hewlett, Character Art, Character Design . A GIF of beating Murdoc in The "Game of Death" G-Bite. murdoc+noodle. are murdoc and and murdoc raised murdoc since she was a little girl. so i'm positive they have i meant murdoc raised noodle. lol. Post reply. 10 out of . gorillaz slender game NEEDED · game of slender. I want a text based gorillaz dating sim with noodle and Paula cracker so badly. Like, I would pay actual money. And there could be miku dlc too.

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murdoc and noodle dating sim

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