Melinda shankar and raymond ablack dating

Who is Melinda Shankar dating? Melinda Shankar boyfriend, husband

melinda shankar and raymond ablack dating

Raymond "Ray" Ablack (born on November 12, ) is a Canadian actor Date of Birth He and Melinda Shankar auditioned together for Alec and Isabelle. Raymond Ablack and Melinda Shankar photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. Either they are, or they used to be

The 24 years old actress was seen romancing Luke Bilyk in the series of Degrassi: The Next Generation Even though the on-screen match created a sizzling chemistry between the pair but in real life, the actress seems to have a different preference and has no intention of dating her co-star behind the screen.

As per our reports the lady had dated a fellow named D. Hundy since 24th December The lady has not disclosed any information about her meeting with her man nor has she revealed any of her dating incidences in any of the social networking sites or any online portal.

Ur hair and makeup is just fabulous and u and ur boyfriend are cute: Some fans have even appreciated their relationship by showering with loads of best wishes in the relationship and by posting cozy shots of man and women in the Twitter account as on 18th June When I get in a relationship I want mine to be like melindashankar and dhundertmark myfavoriteouple???????? Thus, we must wait till the lady officially confirms the news about her involvement with the man or their break up.

While fumbling through her dating history, the actress has a long list of co-star whom she has dated within an interval of a year or two. Even though she has made no certainty, the sources have disclosed her to be involved with plenty of men.

However, the fan has loved the pair of the couple and is willing to see them together. While some even say that they are engaged. Well, till date not a word of acceptance has been received from the star so this just a rumor with no particular evidence.

Degrassi's kids dish on Drake's debut album, Thank Me Later

Melinda Shankar with Raymond Ablack. The lady nor the man have confirmed their relationship status nor have they revealed about their dating events or nor were they spotted in any events together.

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melinda shankar and raymond ablack dating

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melinda shankar and raymond ablack dating

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melinda shankar and raymond ablack dating

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melinda shankar and raymond ablack dating

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Degrassi's kids dish on Drake's debut album, Thank Me Later

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melinda shankar and raymond ablack dating

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Is Raymond ablack and Melinda Shankar from degrassi dating?

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