Libra man and scorpio woman dating

Libra Man And Scorpio Woman

libra man and scorpio woman dating

Find out the Libra man - Scorpio woman love compatibility. Know how the Libra man and Scorpio woman relationship will be. But if they can get past these quirks, they can have some happy times together. Ultimately, whether they tolerate. Libra man and Scorpio woman compatibility. Guide to dating, love and sex with articles, scores, advice and more. Visitor forum for questions and experiences. Do you truly want to date that Libra man? Ask him out. He'll admire your courage. 5. Libra men love Gemini women, so if you're a twin you have an edge.

She gives you everything out of pure love and passion, but also expects you to reciprocate in the same manner. It is this expectation of hers that makes her a little difficult to handle. The Libra man is a true charmer and can woo any woman with his dazzling smile and intelligently-spoken words. He is an easygoing, fun-loving, and a tad-bit flirtatious social animal who loves some attention. He doesn't mind a little bit of flattery, and yes, is quite sensitive to what people think of him in his circle.

He would, perhaps, be the best-dressed man in the party, flaunting his attire and his smile to all in the vicinity. However, beneath all of these traits, lies a man who is quite sensitive at heart and a die-hard romantic. However, if you go through the testimonies of some couples having this zodiac match, it wouldn't be common to come across words such as "love-hate relationship", "soulmates", "coming back to each other", "being with my best friend", so on and so forth.

What we're trying to put across is that in spite of the fair share of cons that this union comes with, this match is not that easy to "sleep over," for both would lose out on something irreplaceable in the bargain. The following sections elaborate on their journey that starts from knowing each other, to friendship, to love, and then to? Well, most likely she would have caught his attention with her demeanor. Right from her conversation to her conviction, everything just spells passion and intensity.

She isn't someone who will try to be someone else just to please the others. As indicated earlier, she doesn't care a damn if someone likes her or not, she lives according to her own terms and conditions.

This characteristic of hers attracts our Libra man instantly towards this damsel, most likely because he himself isn't like that.

Libra Man Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Her surety, focus, stubbornness, and conviction, of course, with that mysterious aura surrounding her, compels him to know more and more about her. She is also a great communicator and highly enjoys intellectual conversations like him.

Both of them will find each other engrossed in debating over some intriguing topics, only making the attraction all the more strongly felt in their hearts. If he were a prince, his last name would definitely be 'Charming', we've already said that, haven't we? And although our Scorpio woman is all cautious and careful with men, differentiating the genuine ones from the phonies, she too, is swept off with his charm at one go.

His mannerisms, optimism, eloquence, and fun-loving nature is something that impresses her instantly. With him, she feels happy, light, and sort of free from the self-imposed boundaries that she had built around herself all this while. He sees this world in a different light, where nothing is conniving and complicated. In addition to that, he is also a great listener and a counselor, always heeding to her qualms and assuring her that things are not that bad.

The more they meet each other, the more he pulls her towards himself, eventually making her believe that if there is something known as a 'soulmate', it is this guy!

The Highs of This Union Being with someone who helps you see this world in a positively different light is no less than an angel from heaven. Irrespective of their differences, they help bring out the best in each other, at least, initially. After winning our lady's trust, he patiently deals with her fears and insecurities, thereby de-cluttering her inner chaos that arises from the in-depth emotional range that she has being a water sign.

Also, being ruled by the planet of passion, Mars, she provides the focus, determination, and power in his life, that is very much required for him to fulfill his goals. Hence, they become a quintessential part of each others lives, being lovers who are also a best friend to each other as and when the situation demands. They both value loyalty, devotion, and intimacy in their relationship, and that is what makes it possible for them to overcome the compatibility issues that tend to arise off and on.

Physical intimacy is extremely important for a Scorpio female, and she takes it a step further by involving an emotional facet to it. To her, its more than the physical act, her passion and intensity clearly takes the Libra man to a different experience altogether.

He too, being ruled by the planet of love, Venus, gives his all to his lover, making the experience highly satisfying for both of them. The Lows of This Union Well, every union comes with its share of ups and downs, well, in this case, it's more than usual share of ups and downs! I hope your Libra will understand and love you even more. I lost my ex Scorpio; he can't keep up with me because he need to take care of his ex and small children. Now I'm happy and wishing you happy too.

Im a Scorpio lady and met a Libran man. There was something so attractive about him not sure what. We talked, flirted and talked some more and found myself sooo attracted to him. Then one day we got into a passionate clinch which I have never done with someone I do not know that well but I felt unable to stop it.

It was like he had some power over me that I couldn't stop. Im a Scorpio woman, Im always in control of my feelings!!! We ended up making love and oh my gosh oh my goshhhhh, I have never ever ever been turned out like that. Im a Libran man convert!!!

I have to say that he does have the mood swings, one day he is all over me then the next day he is cool with me but hey I will enjoy every moment of it whilst it lasts!

I'm a Scorpio woman involved with a Libra man, and we feel we are each other's twin flame. We can sense each other's thoughts without saying a word, and have great honesty and trust in our communication and interaction. The best advice I'd give to a Scorpio woman interested in a Libra man is to exercise patience.

Libra men always take their time, they're slow methodical thinkers and planners.

Relationship Compatibility Between a Libra Man and a Scorpio Woman

Lack of communication or response to you doesn't indicate lack of interest, it means they're gauging you and what a relationship with you would mean. This can be very frustrating to a Scorpio woman because we already know instantly if we're interested in someone.

We don't need to take time to figure anything out, we already know. But Libra men want to take the time to figure out how to make the relationship work before it even starts. Scorpio women just want the relationship and can deal with making it work afterwards, lol. It really does require a lot of patience and just being unconditional in your love. With my Libra man, there was a triple whammy, 1 he's been hurt badly by past relationships and also a divorce so was overly cautious and indecisive 2 he's a workaholic with virtually no free time, totally devoted to a career he's worked to establish for many years and 3 we lived miles apart when we met.

In spite of all those obstacles, we were deeply attracted to each other and made the effort to get to know each other and make it work. We're now living in the same town, and engaged to be married in a few months. I believe you can have a successful relationship with a Libra man, it just requires a lot of patience, understanding and being able to tell him you'll always love him, no matter what-- without coming across as a doormat! If you can do that, you have a pretty good chance of making it work.

If you're an impatient person, always needing approval or attention, and just don't understand why he doesn't seem to be there for you emotionally, then it's better to say goodbye now rather than later.

He'll always be who he is and won't change, and you always have to be honest with who you are as well. I love my Libra man very much, he's been so good to me-- without me telling him he needs to be!

Best of luck to all you women out there who also love your Libra men. They're really wonderful guys once they finally do make up their minds about you, lol.

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I am a Scorpio woman married to a Libra for past 22 years. There was an immediate connection when we met. The sex was good. But slowly things deteriorated.

libra man and scorpio woman dating

He is argumentative, stubborn and very intelligent. We have 2 great kids. The more he argues the more I shut down. He is shy and I always had to make the first move. Our communication breaks down easily. I prefer a strong man who is self disciplined and confident. For me it has been a disaster. I'm a Scorpio lady and is into this Libra guy, he is seems very confused and indecisive, even though we have not really like seen each other, but I believe his in to me as I am to him just my intuitionI really enjoy talking with him, he appears very diplomatic and logical, and I enjoy that, even though in our course of interaction, we are always disagreeing with so many things.

He sure has a funny way of apologizing I think our problem is that he doesn't me as much as I understand him. I don't know if there is any hope for this relationship and I'm afraid I have already fallen in love with him.

I have tried fighting off this feeling, but he keeps assuring me is okay to let my feelings flow. We are really a Couple. Its fun anyway, you can try it. I was so happy! I wanted to smack him for saying that! SO I Said you really hurt my feelings for doing that because if you were expecting me why would you not keep your phone near you! I would never want to build a relationship with him even though the connection was absolutely strong! He goes through all these mood swings and phases.

I am more cool towards him and less enthusiastic than before. I wish I had the magic stick to see my future with him and his future bahaviour so I could make the right decision in presence. I am a Scorpio woman as well and I have been dating a Libra man off and on of course for about 5 months.


He can't make up his mind; he is completely indecisive when it comes to anything relationship oriented. He won't commit or even talk to me about why he won't commit. All he will really admit to is that he doesn't know what he wants.

I have read all of these stories and I do agree that he is taking the time to make sure it's right, but I am so impatient I am about ready to give up at this point. The less attention I give him the more attention he gives me I found this out the hard way. We work together so it was hard not to continue talking to him as I normally would have, but I overcame that urge.

I stopped texting him and speaking to him all the time at work. This made him start chasing me. I don't know what to do about it now because the last thing I want to do is play games. I either want to be with him entirely, or walk. I mean, he never even called me his girlfriend and we were obviously exclusive Another thing that I dislike thusfar is that he already shows traits of being self involved, say it's "balance" all you want ladies, I just think he's sneaky as hell.

Yes, the sex is great when HE wants it to be. We also connect intellectually and emotionally on a very deep level already. The attraction I feel toward him is almost megnetic, like I'm drawn to him. When I stare into his eyes I can see the joy he gets by being with me and that makes me feel so good I can hardly contain my happiness. I just don't think he understand what it means to truly be with someone. When you are with someone, you need to be there with them, not dodging calls when it doesn't suit your mood.

It hurts, but I'm logical enough to see when it's time to put my best foot foward. To all the ladies out there struggling with a similar dillema: Just weigh the pro's and con's of the situation carefully.

Is sex and convorsation really worth a lack of TRUE intimacy? THen it will eventually end. I am just grateful I can see this coming before I crash and burn once more I am a Scorpio female I met my librian guy when I was sweet 16 and he was We clicked as soon as we met and I believe we met by fate.

We've been through so much together, good and bad but we have come through all of that got three kids together and are getting married in a couple of months! I think scorpios and libras are made for each other, it just takes time patience and a bit of effort and you will reap the rewards.

Stick with it its worth it I was in a relationship with a Libra man for almost 13 years, and ended very badly. He cheated on me while he was a work while I was pregnant with his second child.

Then attacked me out of the blue when I told him we don't belong together. The attack was severe. He cheated,always lied, very secretive,and now he thinks he's God's gift to women. Sleeping around everywhere POF, special! I took the children and ran for 3 years, now we are in contact, and all Hell is loose. He refuses to pay any child support for these children. Very selfish, he was always like that Me and I. One question how do you get a Libra Back For the damages he has caused!

I am a Scorpio women in the process of getting to know and possibly date a libra, again! Don't know what to do really. The last Libra I dated I loved very much, but it didn't work out between us. Now I have this other Libra that is a great guy and a wonderful friend that wants to be with me as a couple and I want to, but I'm scared that it won't work out like the last Libra.

After reading all these stories on here I can tell there is both positive and negitive things going on with Libra and Scorpio connections. However, is there more negative then positive or the other way around??? My husband is a Libra man who is in an affair with a Scorpio woman. We have been married for 22 years and we have two children.

One day he just told me he did not love me anymore and took some of his stuff and left. This was just the beginning of October. The kids and I, we did not even have the chance to see him on his birthday as he spent it with this woman. After I found out he is having an affair with this woman who is 34 years old and he is Everything was going fine in our life, so I thought, I had no warning signs at all.

He always have been jealous, but we always somehow worked it out, as I have never given him the reason to be like that.

On the other hand, even so, he would lie about it, I would find credit card bills with motel room charges on it, I would find him approaching women on the internet. SO some people above stated, they are sneaky, and that is right on. I am not sure if all Libra man are like that, but it is almost like st upid, they lie about just about everything, they will always say what you want to hear, they hate confrontation, so I am assuming that is why they lie.

I am an Aquarian and I really thought we were soul mates. Of course, this is not over yet, and I am not sure what to do, just let them be, or start finding back. This woman is evil, and very calculative, and I am afraid, she will make our life miserable if I interfere. I have to look out for my children! He hurt us really bad, and I am not sure how we are going to get through this. It is terrifying to think that this woman wants a baby, and they already talking about marriage!!!

He can not even take care of us, as he does not make a lot of money, so I am not sure how he thinks he will be able to provide for 2 families! My daughter just started college, it breaks my heart that he does not even care! I'm a Scorpio and I used to date a libra. All of these posts are so right on. It's great at the beginning but ONLY because of the sex and a realtionship needs to be built on more then just sex.

Us scorpios are too intense, emontional, jealous, and confrontation where Libra men are just the opposite. Libra won't be able to give us the attention that we need to be happy so look for another more comptatible sign, like a Taurus and leave those libras behind. From what I have read many of the stories seem to really touch on my feelings of my relationship with a male Libra.

We were immediately attracted to each other initially and of course had amazing sexual chemistry. His smile and laid-back charm and flattery intrigued me and I couldnt quite figure him out which challenged me to want to know him better. He asked me out only a week after meeting, and we live 2 hours away so doing long distance is quite tricky. His lacking ability to have meaningful conversations with me when we're apart really takes a toll on me. I have a deep desire to feel emotionally close and I feel a lot of the times he is emotionally distant- even when we are together.

He is very suspicous, jealous and controlling which doesn't sit well with me.

libra man and scorpio woman dating

I value my independance and freedom and he seems to want me all to himself. He won't go out drinking with me and rarely brings me around his friends He also has made a point to try and alienate me from all of my male friends I had before I even met him, which is so not cool esp because me and my group of guys from home have deep friendships and are like family. We've been dating 10 months and yes I do love him, however lately I've been wondering if we're compatible.

I am frustrated at his inability to compromise or see my side of things. When I try to get him to open up he shys away and usually remains quiet which frustrates me because I want to know his deep innerworkings and have more than a superficial connection. My intuition also has me unsure of him becuase I know he knows how to manipulate people with emotions to get what he wants he turns on that sweetness and charm that is irresistable, or guilts you into something. I feel it is hard to let my guard down completely when I get such mixed signals from him.

We are both stubborn as well and he cannot handle it if I "get an attitude" with him. We both don't like conflict and tend to bottle things up. He tends to also "joke" around in a way that uses put-downs or criticisms and he thinks I overreact when I get offended by them, but I need to feel respected and it does hurt my feelings.

Libra man and Scorpio woman

I have strong feelings for him, but I'm really questioning our potential to last with so many negative traits in our relationship. I will keep trying b. He is very suspicous, jealous, controlling, and hypocritical which doesn't sit well with me. I value my independance and freedom and he seems to want me all to himself while he can go and do whatever. When I try to get him to open up or talk about what's going on with him he shys away and usually remains quiet which frustrates me because I want to know his deep innerworkings and have more than a superficial connection.

When I ask questions he usually just ignores them or gives one word explanations, however if I were to do the same he would be hounding me for answers. It drives me nuts! My intuition also has me unsure of him because I know he knows how to manipulate people with emotions to get what he wants he turns on that sweetness and charm that is irresistable, or guilts you into something. I have strong feelings for him, but I'm really questioning our potential to last with so many negative traits in our relationship and his inability to even admit they exist.

I am a Scorpio! I am bookmarking this page to refer back to when I am feeling like leaving, feeling unsatisfied, feeling depressed, etc. All of your comments have been really helpful.

I see now that some have it a lot worse, and some have it better. I can be thankful for what I have and focus on improving ME. My Libra man and I have been reading your comments together. Some make us laugh and some make us cringe. It is good to know we are not alone! Just knowing that who we are is normal, and that what we are experiencing is normal makes it easier to push forward. I'm 19 years old girl a Scorpio and I fall in love with a Libra man 20 years old.

I fall in love with him at first sight. He was very kind, generous, honesty, loving and caring. I confessed to him. Well, correct me if I'm wrong. But when I fall in love or if lets say I love him. I will tell him directly. At first, he thought it was a joke.