Kim possible and ron dating service

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kim possible and ron dating service

86 dating site, please take a moment to appreciate nawals presurgery. Using online dating. Into kim and stoppable dating possible ron start. Supper meets in. when did kim possible and ron stoppable start dating Kim's heart is quickly captured by the new boy We have singles forums, Lubbock's best FREE dating site!. Ron says as he hyperventilates after every other word. Oh my goodness I just kissed Kim Possible I don't know what to do now! Ron thought.

Kim and Ron walk over to the football field right outside the gym. Luckily, for them, it was open and no one was around to interrupt them. They both walk to the bleachers and sit down close to eachother, still holding eachother's hands.

Ron notices Kim chattering her teeth, realizing that she is cold. She smiles and holds the jacket somewhat close to her face, smelling the scent of cologne Ron usually wears on a daily basis, which made her smile.

kim possible and ron dating service

Ron, again, does the same for a bit until he realizez the reason both he and Kim came out here. Ok, you seem a bit in shock. Kim started to think Oh no please don't tell me he is changing his mind about everything that just happened You really know nothing about relationships do you? Ron gives Kim a guilty look on his face which makes her giggle. She puts one of her hands on her face and sighs. Are you saying that you want to start dating?

She nods her head with a smile. I really do have feelings for you! I thought the kiss would be that obvious. Ok, I am the first girl Ron has ever kissed So I guess it makes sense why he is acting like this. I think becoming a couple would be badical. He brings one of his hands up to her face and strokes her cheek. Kim brings her hand up to touch his hand and closes her eyes.

They both brings their foreheads together and let out a sigh at the same time. They giggle at the fact that their sighs were in sync. You probably know what I'm gonna say now. Ron leans in as his lips touch hers. Kim felt as if she was living in a fairy tale.

She brought her hands to his cheeks as she started to lay on the bleachers pulling him on top of her. After a minute or so, they break the kiss, still laying on the bleachers. Ron and Kim look into eachothers eyes for a while and begin to rub their noses together, giggling at the pleasure they were experiencing. I think this relationship is coming off to a good start. Would you like to accompany me for a stroll through the neighborhood? I would love to. Ron gets off the bleachers before helping his new girlfriend down the steps.

Kim, wearing her high heels, slips on one of the steps, bringing her and Ron both to the ground. Kim and Ron giggle as Kim lays on top of Ron. Ron's back becomes completely soaked from the grass that the rain soaked from earlier. Ron rolls his eyes with a smile as they both stand up.

Kim falls to the ground again, her face showing pain. Ron goes down on a knee, worrying about Kim rather than his knee getting soaked. The suit was wet already so it didn't matter to him.

Don't worry about it. Ron shakes his head thinking to himself Oh Kim, sometimes you can just be really stubborn. This calls for the Ron-Man to the rescue! Ron puts his arms underneath her and raises her up to hold her. Ron raises an eyebrow at her. I need to take care of my lady!

So don't worry KP. You are safe in the Ron-man's arms! Ron, while carrying Kim, walks over to his motercycle in the parking lot. I don't want you to be in pain the whole time. Ron turns on the engine before Kim lays her head on Ron's back. Ron starts to think Sigh, I have the best girlfriend in the world After about 5 minutes of driving, Kim and Ron find a park bench that was dry so Kim's dress wouldn't get even more ruined from the Diablos.

They both sit down as Kim places his head on Ron's shoulder. Ron does the same and leans his head on hers. Something I actually wanted to tell you while you were dating Eric. Tell me what you want to say. Ron takes a breath, turns towards her, and begins to speak. When you were dating Eric, it was like life wasn't the way it should've been. When all you were focused on was that synthodude, it just didn't feel right.

One of the values I have in life is the time I get to spend with you. When you were with Eric, I realized how important that is to me. It actually made me jealous that you were with him That is when I realized how I truly feel about you. You are the one person in my life that understands me and is never afraid to be around me when I do all of my crazy stunts.

At that moment, in the treehouse I felt like there was something between us that was missing. I love you Kim. Kim stared at him with shock.

Did he just say he loves me?! Oh Ron you are the best guy I have ever known! He starts to see a tear come down Kim's face.

Ron wipes the tear away with his thumb while holding her cheek. They both look into eachother's eyes and begin to bring their lips together. Ron feels a tear come down his cheek as they continue the kiss, which makes him pull her even closer to him.

Kim Possible And Ron Stoppable Start Dating | ВКонтакте

This kiss lasted for a long time; a kiss they did not want to let go. As they slowly pull away, their foreheads touch as little tears are coming down their cheeks. They stay in that position for quite a long while until they hear Ron's cell phone beep.

Ron pulls it out to see that it was If we don't get you home in the next 20 minutes, your Dad is going to kill me! They both hop onto the motorcycle and head to Kim's house. Anne Possible is sitting in the kitchen, eager to find out how much fun her daughter had. She was so eager, she gets up out of her chair and starts to walk back and forth across the room.

Ron turned and started to leave "Oh and Stoppable" Mr. Barken said Ron turned towards him "Yes? Barken said "Yes, sir " Ron said as he turned and ran to go get that snow tractor. Ron couldn't help it his thoughts again drifted off to his special date with kim tonight. His plan was to take her to this new fancy restuarant called Chef Lon Deon. It was a beautiful two- story building with a live band that took requests and had a balcony that you could sit underneath the stars.

Ron colided into someone or something.

Kim possible and ron dating - Came srl

He quickly jumped up brushed himself off and helped the person up. Ron started "Well I'm doing fine and so is Kim. Josh asked" I didn't really mean to hurt. Josh asked "Maybe i can ask her out again. Ron just stared at him "yes she does "ron said "in fact your looking at her boyfriend!

Ron looked at his watch it was B" Ron said " I think that I'm going to go on my lunch break. Ron said as he walked out the door and into the mall to meet Kim for lunch. Ron asked as he walked through the door to Club Bannana but soon stopped because he saw Josh there talking to Kim "Hey Kim.

Josh gave a confused look and asked "Aren't you glad to see me?

There kim possible and ron dating

Kim looked up at him "Hmmmmm Ron said arngirly "Josh gave Kim a confused look "Uh Kim is this true that your dating this looser? Kim asked as she got up and sat be ron and put her hand on his knee and gave it a squeeze "Well Ron said "Maybe i could tell you but you might have to torture me to get it out of me.

Ron than started to straighten up his back "Well KP" Ron said nervously " You know that it;s not going to be easy?

kim possible and ron dating service

Right" Well, you also know me" Kim said as her hand was now up to his hip. She than continued to un button his pants as they leaned in closed to kiss "AWWWW isn't that soocute?

They both stopped and looked over and saw Bonnie and Junior. Kim and Ron both let out a dreadful sigh "You know Bonnie, that some people just want to be left alone. Bonnie said with a snicker and a smug smile "Well Bonnie," Kim taunted "At least i don't date one guy after the next.

Bonnie gave kim a look and than stomped away with Junior after her. Well that ruined the mood" Kim said "Sigh, well you should know Bonnie would have done that. Kim leaned her head on Ron's shoulder and looked at her watch and sighed "Do you have to go back to work? Ron than looked at his watch "Hey, i still got 5 minutes left. Chapter 2 After work Kim went home to get ready for her date with Ron. She ran upstairs to go and find something to wear.

She went through her closet and opened the door and searched. After about the 6th time hunting through her closet, she slammed the door shut and opened her bedroom door. Hang on i'll be right back.

Kim than flopped on her bed and just layed there. She knew that Ron had a big surprise for her but it kept bothering her as to what it was. They had been dating for three years now, it was the summer before their sophomore year in college She quickly got up and ran to her phone to call Monike Ring Take a deep breath, okay.

Monike asked " are you sure? Monike asked "Well he said that her had a big suprise for me. Kim said as she looked at her watch "OH NO! Monike i have to go. Kim hung up the phone and ran downstairs to see what was taking her mother so long to get the dress. BOOM Kim quickly got up and looked at who she ran into. Kim said frantically " do you have my dress? She took the dress out snd just held it up for a second to look at it. It was more beautiful than when she first bought it. Of course her mom had some of it fixed up more nicely, like the lower cut in the front and on the bottom where it had been burnt from the LIL Dioblos, it had been cut as to show some of her leg.

Ding Dong "Kim jumped.

kim possible and ron dating service

Kim thought as she quickly put the dress on and got fixed up a bit. Anne possible aswered the door Hey, Mrs. Hey Ron, i think that kim is almost ready to go, let me go check Kim was standing on the bottom of the stairs listening "Hey Ron" Kim said "ready to go?

Ron asked as they were both heading to Ron's motorscooter.

kim possible and ron dating service

When they got to the restaurant they quickly parked and went in. The waiter grabbed two menus and led the two of them through part of the dinning room and up a flight of stairs onto a balcony that was under the moon and the stars and offered a nice view of the nightlife.

Ron pulled out a chair for his lady and than went to sit down. He stared into Kim's beautiful emerald eyes for a moment.

Kim looked back and smiled than asked "what? Ron said Kim gave a curious look "What made you think about that? After the waiter left, Kim and Ron were alone. They both ate their meals. WOW, Ron this restaurant is nice. Kim smiled and than went back to her dinner.