James brooks and claire boucher dating

Who is Grimes dating? Grimes boyfriend, husband

james brooks and claire boucher dating

Claire Boucher aka Grimes, Glasslands Gallery, New York, (Photo: . inappropriate then, to ask you about your boyfriend James Brooks?. Grimes has been in relationships with Devon Welsh and James Brooks (music). Born Claire Elise Boucher on 17th March, in Vancouver, British. Now, Claire Boucher cites her as a vocal inspiration. The homegrown video for that song—cobbled together by Boucher and her partner James Brooks " Avalanche," recorded in collaboration with boyfriend Mike Tucker.

They are like angels kicked out of heaven. I think that would a good description. But their names are mostly abstract and it kind of feels weird talking about them.

Does the idea of angels and demons stem from your catholic upbringing? I remember as a kid, being so fucking scared all of the time. For example, when I wanted to steal some money from my brother, I knew that god would know. I had this insane neurosis about metaphysical beings being able to read my mind, it almost drove me insane. In my elementary school were all those pictures of demons killing people and Christ bleeding everywhere.

The scary church with its dark wooden doors was an intense aesthetic environment. How do you relate to religion today? I think that a lot of great art comes from religion, and this terrifying aspect of catholicism informs a lot of my own art. There are all of these demons that can read your mind, and if you think bad things you have to go an confess, and you get punished for your sins. It is kind of fun for me now, like a horror movie in my head.

james brooks and claire boucher dating

But as a kid, it was surreal and weird. You said that you hope not to sound too insane, telling me all of this. How do you feel about being in the public eye, and being watched all the time?

Most of my friends are my friends from before and we just eat food and talk about whales and stuff. But everything you every read about me on Pitchfork is definitely not true. They basically just harrass me, constantly. Does the Grimes persona help you in keeping your private and public life separate from each other? She does, and I think this is becoming more and more important to me. The person I am when I am making music, going on stage or giving this interview has become very different from the person I am when I am watching TV, eating food or just chill.

Apparently, this was not Claire Boucher talking the whole time, but Grimes.

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But on the other hand, she refered to Grimes in the third person. It seems like the boundaries between the private and the public persona are not as strict as she would like to have them be.

This may explain some of the troubles she has in controlling her public image, and why the next question almost gets an answer. Would it be totally inappropriate then, to ask you about your boyfriend James Brooks? Is he still making music? Ideally, I dont talk about my private life. But James was originally going come to Paris with me.

Instead, my brother went to shoot the video here. Now James still has never been to Europe! He is not publishing any music at the moment, though.

But he is involved in Eerie Organization. The artist platform you founded. I feel like right now, there is not much infrastructure to support super-indie music anymore — at least not in North America. But for a new artist without any leverage, signing a label deal can be so destructive.

I know so many people who are in shitty label deals with no money and no creative freedom at all. With Eerie, I want to protect them from the need to sign with the first label that approaches them. Artists can build up there and maybe have more opportunities later on. They can use my studio when I am away, James helps with the artwork and my brother does the videos.

It is a bit of a cooperative in that respect. Who is on Eerie? I basically started it because of Nicole Dollanganger. She is so talented! But the offers she had were really bad and exploitive and so I wanted to help her get some press and some hype.

“I just want to be allowed to do my job and not be treated like an alien doing it.”

This way, his music gets out there at least. We have reached our destination, and Grimes gets out of the car to do her fitting. When Grimes comes back after fifteen minutes, we will have to delve into some well known topics of hers, though they may be the more touchy ones. I switched to Ableton, use live instruments now, have a proper microphone.

But I like to figure out for myself how things best work together. When I added the guitar, there were a lot of frequencies that I was not used to working with. Electronic stuff is more controlled, where as live instruments made recording songs a lot more complex and time consuming. Did you record the whole album yourself? How about the mixing and mastering? I did record it on my own and played all the instruments myself.

But I did not master or mix it. I mean, everybody has professionals to do that! I asked Spike Stent to mix it, as he is really diverse: So he seemed great for the record: I needed a mixing engineer who was experienced with guitar rock as well as pop songs and noise… insanity. So I took a break, sold my van, and basically my goal was to learn how to produce.

To get my music to the point where it feels like me, recorded.

james brooks and claire boucher dating

That's kind of the point where I'm at right now: I'm making music that I really, really love. It's completely my own writing, no other co-writes. And I think that's why this stuff is so special to me: I'm singing exactly what I want to sing on top of music that I made that I'm super proud of.

I'm almost trying to take away the production. My previous stuff was very, very produced. Because I have been writing songs that mean a lot to me, I want the lyrics and the melody to be what shine. And I've definitely not mastered production, but at the same time, I feel really confident in what I can do.

I used to write with my guitar, which I still do sometimes. But now I'm writing more with piano and over tracks I've done in Ableton.

Is there a particular period in your life that a lot of the material is drawing from? Most of it now is coming from a relationship that I was in for five years that ended pretty ugly a couple years ago.

That gave me endless inspiration, just because it was a very nasty breakup.

james brooks and claire boucher dating

I'm loyal and I try to stick with things, so a part of me felt like I could've been in that relationship forever. But I feel so lucky and happy that I was strong and got out of it, basically.

Most of the songs are drawing from that experience. But it's moving away from there; I think I've written enough songs about that so it's kind of waning. Just because being in a relationship from that age—it was like, 17 to I feel very lucky that I'm not pretty fucked up, because your brain is still developing at that age. Being in a pretty manipulative, controlling relationship for that long, I felt when I got out of it that I had to completely rebuild who I was, all my values.

You get used to being treated a certain way, and that's not really okay if you're being treated horribly. So that's what that song is about: I'm a people-pleaser to a fault. But in the last couple years I've been learning to be a more assertive person. You really have to be if you're gonna be in any kind of business—especially the music business. I just want to be nice to everyone, but sometimes people don't really deserve for you to be nice to them.

That song is also kind of about psyching myself out, and becoming an avalanche—someone who can basically roll over whatever comes in their way. How did you meet Mike? We met in a session, actually. I do a lot of writing and singing on stuff randomly, so we got hooked up by a mutual friend to work together. We hit it off right away, and really never stopped hanging out after that first day, just creating. He's really been a huge mentor for me in the production realm. He sat me down and gave me the bare-bones instructor's workshop of Ableton and basically gave me the tools to produce myself.

He's been a huge guiding light in my life.

james brooks and claire boucher dating

We inspire each other, and like to work together and make music together. He's been an amazing person to have in my life.

james brooks and claire boucher dating

He's been a huge part of rebuilding who I am. What was it like going on tour and singing backup with Grimes? I just learned so much from being able to see her setup from behind the scenes and see how hard she works.

I've only really toured by myself, so being on a bus with my friends—it was like ten girls, two guys—was just the best time. Really, just having her as a friend is amazing. Letting me sing "Clay" on the tour was just over the top. I couldn't believe that she let me do that.

How did it feel getting up and singing in front of that many people? I kind of blacked out the first time [laughs]. The first show, it was just so many people, and my family was there. The second time I did it, in Florida, I was able to kind of live in the moment a little bit more. I saw a couple people singing along, and that blew me away. The whole time I was on the edge of tears, just 'cause it was such an amazing moment. I heard you guys stayed at a hotel that was haunted.