Iphone group text etiquette and dating

How to make group texting suck less

iphone group text etiquette and dating

I have been away from my iPhone for a little over 45 minutes while sipping coffee and A group text is no place for pleasantries and manners. Group texting is a pain, but since we'll likely never get out of group texts, you're on — this is possible on an iPhone or when using Facebook. Quick tips for group texts - simple things you can do save your sanity! means that other people in the tread don't have the most up to date iOS.

Group texts have the ability to brighten or ruin a day. Thou shalt not text all night It's not uncommon for me to wake up with 60 texts, thanks to all of the group texts I'm a part of humblebrag, I know. This is too many texts for one person to reasonably deal with first thing in the morning.

The 8 Commandments Of Group Texting

I know you're not supposed to look at your phone immediately upon waking upbut let's be real. My iPhone is my alarm, and it's the first thing I see in the morning. So when I wake up to a billion texts, it starts my day on a stressful note.

Consider stopping the chit-chat around midnight, for the sake of your friends. Thou shalt not leave a group text without announcing it Nothing hurts my feelings as much as someone leaving a group text I started.

How to remove yourself from group texts on iOS and Android

I totally understand why you would leave and save yourself from an onslaught of texts that aren't relative to your life, but it still hurts. We all those of us using iOS, that is see when you leave, and it hurts.

iphone group text etiquette and dating

If you're going to bounce out of my carefully crafted text thread, please explain yourself and apologize. Otherwise, just let the texts roll in and ignore when necessary. Do you really want to make people sad just because you're a little inconvenienced?

Thou shalt keep thy phone on silent Being on a group text means you're getting a hell of a lot of texts. To be a good Samaritan to those around you, please keep your phone on silent.

Quick Tips for Group Texts

It's very annoying when someone's phone is constantly dinging or buzzing because they're getting a text a minute. Thou shalt not judge those with different phones Some people don't have smartphones.

If you're anything like me, half the people in your phone are business or professional contacts and include the representative who sold your company new computers two years ago who doesn't exactly need your merry wishes.

iphone group text etiquette and dating

And your general practitioner, as much as he might like you, doesn't need to be in on your intimate affairs either. So chose your recipients carefully. Mass texting that you just got engaged, for instance, is A-OK if you're sending it to a specific group of your 20 closest friends and family members.

Mass texting a reminder about your art opening or other event after formal invitations or evites have already been sent is fine as well. Textiquette Dos If you are running late, text to let the person you are meeting know that you're on your way.

iphone group text etiquette and dating

You get bonus points for giving an estimated time of arrival. If it's your friend that's running late, use the extra few minutes of down time to respond to any texts that may have appeared in your inbox on your commute over.

I Dated A Stranger Through A Group-Text

That way when your friend arrives, you can be fully present. Always double check your text before hitting the send button.

iphone group text etiquette and dating

We have all seen some tragic auto-correct mishaps that can easily be avoided by taking two seconds to proofread. Make sure to verify who you are sending your text to. Unfortunately, when we write about people in text messages, we aren't always -- ahem -- praising their best qualities, and you would hate to send it to them accidentally.

If you are waiting to hear about something pressing, let your guest know so that when you check your phone regularly, you don't seem rude. And let them know when the situation is dealt with so they know that they now have your full attention.

The 8 Commandments Of Group Texting | HuffPost

If you're texting someone you haven't spoken to in a long time and the thought crosses your mind that you might not be in their phone, you're probably right. Avoid getting back a text that says, "Sorry, new phone. Slightly different than the mass text is the group text; which is one sent to a small group of people when plans are being made.

Do yourself a favor and make sure that everyone in the group has this function on their phones. My husband has an old iPhone, and while he can receive group texts, he can only respond to the sender and confusion inevitably ensues. Textiquette Don'ts Don't confuse someone who you've been on only a few casual dates with by including them in mass texts. It can get awkward, fast.

iphone group text etiquette and dating

Don't text while eating or drinking with others unless you can talk about what you're texting, or it's an emergency. If it's the latter, excuse yourself and handle the situation. Never text while another person is speaking, unless it is extremely important. If you do have to text, offer a brief explanation immediately so you don't hurt their feelings. Consider excusing yourself if you don't want to share your private details. Texting a "thank you" note is not OK.