Glee puck and santana dating

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glee puck and santana dating

Santana Lopez is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. At Sue's behest, Santana and Brittany go on a date with Finn, who is now the glee club co-captain. Santana takes his virginity, though Finn immediately. Blaine (Darren Criss) and Karofsky (Max Adler). Remember when Blaine moved back to Ohio and started dating the guy who made his ex-fiancé's high school. Santana tried to find Sebastian, but he and the Warblers were no where to be found. Quinn said and they quickly did a group cheer before heading out onto the stage. . "A friend wouldn't date the enemy" Puck retorted.

Santana Lopez

When she doesn't return his feelings after finding out he's a bad kisser, she claims she originally liked him because she thought he was mixed race.

Puck steps up the effort to win Lauren over and, in time, he succeeds. By the end of the second seasonthey are still happily together, however in the third season premiere The Purple Piano ProjectLauren breaks up with Puck, quitting the New Directions in the process. Never Been Kissed Pizes at sectionals After Lauren rescues Puck after being trapped in a port-a-potty, he asks her to join the Glee Club in order to have the required twelve members in the club, because Kurt went to Dalton Academy and joined the Warblers.

She agrees on the condition that he gives her a case of Cadbury Creme Eggs and seven minutes in heaven, but she still joins despite leaving after only three minutes. When Puck tells the club about this, he says "She kinda rocked my world". Before the competition, Lauren says she is not nervous "because show choir is stupid", and Puck says that he owes her his life. Special Education Lauren asking Santa for Puck and sweet potato fries The New Directions visit "Santa Claus" at the mall to support Artie's plan to keep Brittany from finding out that he doesn't exist.

When it is Lauren's turn to sit on Santa's lap, she asks for Puck to love her, stating that he is "a fox". He dedicates the song Fat Bottomed Girls to Lauren, to ask her out. Lauren admits that this is the first time anyone has ever sung a love song to her, but she finds the song offensive.

Later, Santana is shown to be jealous of Lauren and possessive of Puck, though they are not dating. Santana and Lauren have a fight in the hallway, which is ended by Coach Beiste. Puck begs Lauren to go out with him. However, Lauren stands him up causing a heartbroken Puck to make out with a random waitress. The Warblers took their bows and walked off the stage. Santana saw the row of reserved seats a few rows up and silently willed Sebastian and the Warblers to file in.

Suddenly she was nudged. Santana saw all her friends standing up and slowly moving out of the rows. It was time to get ready. On the stage, the tech crew was getting things prepared for the Golden Goblets. As Santana and everyone went back stage, she looked over her shoulder to see the Warblers coming in the seating area from the other door. Sebastian wasn't looking her way. From the greenroom, they heard the Golden Goblets perform their songs, which were awful. I believe in you" Mr.

Schue said with a smile. A man with a black headset came in the room.

glee puck and santana dating

Their performance went perfectly. Then Rachel sang a jaw-dropping spectacular performance of 'Here's To Us'. Yes, their Regionals performance went great. A few times Santana made eye contact with Sebastian. He had winked and smiled encouragingly at her. After they were cheered off the stage, they gathered backstage while they waited for the judges to make a decision. This was always the most stressful part of Regionals. Everyone was freaking out.

We have to go to Nationals. We just have to" Tina muttered. Be calm" Quinn said.

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Santana leaned against the wall quietly playing with the bottom ruffles of her dress. She was nervous, too. Puck leaped up with clenched fists. Sebastian stood there confidently with his arms crossed.

He looked amused and bored, but Santana knew it was just an act. He also didn't look at her. Their song was awful" Sam nodded. Both groups laughed at this. Sebastian quickly glanced at Santana and their eyes met for a nice moment before Sebastian looked down.

Schue said, coming over. Well, it's time for the results. They were dead quiet as they waited for the results of the winner.

glee puck and santana dating

Santana managed to catch Sebastian's eye for a fraction of a second. He gave her a small hint of a smile. Santana joined in a moment later. Santana glanced over at the Warblers who all had their heads hung in shame. Sebastian was shaking hands with Mr. There was no hiding the disappointment in his eyes, though, and it bugged Santana.

After a few minutes of living in glory, New Directions were ushered off stage. Rachel was crying happy tears. Schuester led them back to their dressing room, but Santana hung back and when no one was looking, she dashed back.

glee puck and santana dating

She hurried backstage to where the Warblers' dressing room was. But she didn't need to go all the way. Perfect songs, perfect singing, perfect dancing. I seriously was watching for one Warbler to step out of time and I didn't see it happen once.

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The Troubletones are defeated by New Directions at Sectionals, and Quinn convinces Santana, Brittany and Mercedes to return to the New Directions, having arranged for them to be guaranteed one Troubletones number in all future competitions. In the season finale, after the New Directions win Nationals in Chicago, Santana's mother Gloria Estefan writes her a check so she can pursue her dreams in New York if she really wants to.

Santana is attending the University of Louisville in Kentucky on a cheerleading scholarship. She and Brittany make attempts at a long-distance relationship, although they break up when they agree it won't work in " The Break Up ".

Santana comes by McKinley to help out with the school musical in " Glease " and again for Thanksgiving and to help New Directions prepare for the upcoming Sectionals competition in " Thanksgiving ". As a mentor, she works with Marley Rose Melissa Benoist. Santana suspects something is wrong with her, and later finds laxatives in Marley's backpack. She confronts Quinn that she suspects cheerleader, glee clubber and Quinn's apprentice, Kitty Wilde Becca Tobinis trying to deliberately hurt Marley.

She is present for the Sectionals performance, and her suspicions appear to be confirmed when Marley collapses on stage due to starvation and anxiety. After a jealous unsuccessful attempt to break up her exes Sam and Brittany in " Diva ", Santana realizes she belongs in New York with Rachel and Kurt and moves in with them. In " I Do " she and Quinn sleep together at Will and Emma's wedding, which they agree was a fun one-time experimentation for Quinn.

Later, Kurt and Rachel are shown attempting to adjust to Santana, who is making herself at home in the loft a little too quickly for their comfort. In " Girls and Boys On Film ", Santana later confronts Rachel about a used pregnancy test she found in the garbage, causing Rachel to break down in Santana's arms. In " Feud ", Santana takes Rachel to the doctor, where they discover her pregnancy was a false alarm. However, Santana also learns that Rachel's boyfriend, Brody Weston, is a gigolo. She confronts Brody over this and eventually informs Finn, who tries to scare Brody into leaving town.

Later she tells Rachel the truth herself, for which Rachel is ultimately grateful, in " Guilty Pleasures ". In season five, Santana is employed at a diner in New York. Rachel and Kurt subsequently join her as employees. Santana meets Dani Demi Lovatoa fellow waitress at the diner who is also a lesbian. They begin a relationship in " Tina in the Sky with Diamonds ".

Santana also stars in a commercial for Yeast-I-Stat which she is proud of and shares with Rachel. Santana returns to Lima for Finn's funeral and memorial in " The Quarterback ".

She later confeses to Kurt that she had planned on being nice and telling everyone about the nice things Finn had done for her. Kurt then gives Santana Finn's letterman jacket. Santana joins Kurt's new band in the episode " A Katy or a Gaga " and suggests that they name the band the Apocalypsticks, which is shot down by Kurt.