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eminem and dido dating

Dido, with 38 million album sales and a Greatest Hits album coming out this Having not seen Eminem for eight years, Dido got an unexpected call .. Jennifer Aniston is 'dating again' and wants to have a beau ahead of her. For British adult pop singer Dido, her upcoming hits compilation has 3 and was famously sampled on Eminem's tour de force single "Stan.". Dido news, gossip, photos of Dido, biography, Dido boyfriend list Relationship history. Dido relationship list. Dido dating history, , , list of Dido.

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She agreed and the song helped make her a star. Having not seen Eminem for eight years, Dido got an unexpected call from his people earlier this year asking if she would like to perform Stan with him at the Reading and Leeds Festivals in the summer.

The crowds were unbelievable. They worked out who it was pretty quickly. She went for lessons at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music in London She is still as passionate about her music and is working on new material, but everything is subservient to her role as a mum. Stanley, whose name has nothing to do with the Eminem song, has also helped her bond with her own mother.

Stan (song)

But now we have wonderful chats. It was a song we both had a huge connection with, and I sang it to him all the time when he was ill. She exudes contentment, though not in a smug way. But then her mum turned up asking for Dido, and all the local kids fell about laughing.

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She never went back. When she was younger, Dido remembers dinner parties, friends coming round. And then one day, people stopped coming and outsiders weren't allowed. She's never asked why.

eminem and dido dating

She didn't like them in our life, judging her life. It hardly seems worth sitting through piles of old reruns at this point in her life, just to catch up. It has also left her with a surprising lack of general knowledge, the kind of random facts you tend to pick up by osmosis from the screen. Instead, they read a lot - Dido recalls ploughing through War and Peace at the age of nine more, she admits, to prove a point to Rollo and her dad, who insisted she wouldn't finish it, than out of any real enjoyment.

A close-knit family, they lived, she says, in a kind of fantasy world - something she needs to watch now, in the enclosed fantasy world of the music industry.

eminem and dido dating

Her parents always treated their children more as friends. When Dido got into music, her mother enthusiastically plunged into it too, taking her to concerts, learning about music with her, and eventually taking singing lessons herself: She remembers a night in her early teens when she arrived home drunk at 5am, and her mum - who had been up writing poetry - simply ran her a bath.

She could disappear for days without a question being asked, but then she'd come home and there'd be a row about her not wearing slippers. Nothing was done in a conventional manner. She's hazy as to why.

eminem and dido dating

She goes on to explain: I didn't want to go; I was absolutely mortified to be thrown out. But I was also very stubborn. So when it got to the stage where I probably could go back, I didn't. For the first time, she even had a curfew. I just smoked myself silly through school, went out every weekend partying. I had no money.

It'll take three months of your life, and then you'll always be able to earn money. I just enjoyed making money and having a job too much. Which is perhaps why she ended up working at the literary agency by day, studying for a law degree at night and hanging out at the studio all hours in between.

Even on their holiday, she made Bob lug a keyboard along so she could write a song. Towards the end of their set, Dido would go offstage while the other singer in the group did her solo, and on that particular night the road manager told her they'd have to wrap up quickly because six people in the audience had been stabbed. She then had to go back on to sing the last song, knowing what had happened.

It wasn't the best way to say goodbye. That night, in her hotel room, she thought she was having a heart attack. She had enough money saved to last her a year, so she spent that time writing songs, finding collaborators, recording demos and making contacts. In Octoberjust before the money ran out, she signed a publishing deal for her songs with Warner-Chappell.

The company took her out for dinner, and she came home with a cheque - then sat in her flat for over a week, heart pounding, afraid to go outside.

It was my escape. Whenever anything was bugging me, I'd just go and play my music and it made me happy.

eminem and dido dating

And there was something about them giving me money for it that, to me, symbolised it being taken away. I felt like I no longer had the thing that made my life worth living.

But the attacks became a regular occurrence. So it was quite a challenge at first to get onstage. And although she sometimes feels one closing in, she hasn't had an attack now for two years. But his was the only deal that didn't make her panic. Rollo couldn't offer much money, but he did give her complete artistic freedom, the chance to make the record she wanted to make.

Song[ edit ] The song tells the story of a person named Stanley "Stan" Mitchell voiced by Eminem who claims to be Eminem's biggest fan. He writes Eminem several letters; over three verses, he becomes more obsessive, and when there is no reply he becomes angrier. He finally creates a voice recording of himself drunk-driving his car, calling back to Eminem's " My Name Is " with the lyrics "I drank a fifth of vodka, you dare me to drive?

The fourth verse features Eminem as himself, attempting to write back to Stan and reason with the troubled young man, only to realize—to his surprise—that he had already heard about Stan's death on the news.

Music video[ edit ] The video is a literal interpretation of the story, directed by Dr. Dre and featuring Devon Sawa as Stan and Dido as his pregnant girlfriend.

Later, Stan sits in a room "full of your posters and your pictures," with Eminem's image on every available surface, writing letters that express his devotion as "your Eminem's biggest fan.

Stan wants Eminem to contact him through a personal letter or a phone call ; but, due to unfortunate circumstances, the letters fail to reach Eminem in a timely manner. Believing he has been ignored, Stan uses a tape recorder to document his most disturbing act yet: His final communication involves a reference to " My Name Is " "I drank a fifth of vodka, dare me to drive?

Eminem finally gets around to responding to Stan. He apologizes for being late, thanks him for being a fan, and expresses interest in Stan's personal life.

Eminem worries about Stan's mental state and says he doesn't want Stan to end up like a story he had seen on the news recently—a man who had driven drunk off a bridge with his girlfriend in the trunk, about whom he quickly realizes, "It was you. Significant portions from the first two verses and most of the third verse were removed. Dido has stated that she was gagged in the third verse of the video, [6] but this was censored so widely that versions with her gagged are rare.

She manages to remove the duct tape from her mouth and screams before struggling for breath.