Emily proctor and adam rodriguez dating

Did Emily procter and Adam rodriguez date

emily proctor and adam rodriguez dating

CSI Miami Season 7 interview Emily Procter and Adam Rodriguez. by anistonfan. CSI Miami ET Interview of Adam and Emily on EC kiss. A slightly tired, but excited, Procter returned to work on January 19, just in time for co-star Adam Rodriguez's directing debut. "I wouldn't have. The actress started dating her boyfriend Paul Bryan, 50 a music . Emily Procter and Adam Rodriguez were in a relationship in Source.

emily proctor and adam rodriguez dating

Adam Rodriguez joins Ugly Betty "I feel like Eric Delko has gone through so many ups and downs and has had such a great journey on the show," he says.

I think people will be happy with the way it all ends. Calleigh will be a bit of an ice queen before coming to that resolution. I think that's going to be very difficult. She is saying publicly that she doesn't care, but she cares very much and it's very difficult. But she's also such a straight arrow, and I think she believes she was just following protocol.

Get scoop on all the new and returning shows The premiere episode divides its focus on the cliff-hanger resolution and a flashback to In addition to learning just how Horatio David Caruso came by his iconic shades, viewers will also see how the Miami CSIs first came together. Detective Jessie Cardoza, Cibrian swings into Miami for Season 8, which could pose its own share of problems for Calleighko. So they have this old, established friendship at this point, and I think their characters are very easy with one another.

Check out TV's best male-female crime-fighting duos "But who knows? Miami and it's Calleigh Duquesne, so anything can happen! You've got Stetler sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong with Calleigh. And I also especially like it because the gentleman who plays Stetler [David Lee Smith] is from North Carolina and is friends with my cousin, so he and I get into it! Do you know anything about what's planned for the rest of the season? I don't know how much I can say!

I do know the love triangle is going to continue.

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And we'll find out, is she bad and [if so], how bad is she? And what do you think of that love triangle Calleigh has found herself in the middle of, between Eric Delko and Jake Berkeley? I think it's great! For me personally it's been thrilling.

emily proctor and adam rodriguez dating

Jake is a bit of a bad boy. He broke up with Calleigh years ago, and in "Stand Your Ground" she's concerned about his drinking. What's the appeal for Calleigh? I think poor Calleigh has an alcoholic father and might not have the best taste in men. What's fun for me playing Calleigh is having to try to piece together her personality [over the seasons] and watching her grow.

It's the choice of wanting someone who is right for her and someone who's part of her past. It's interesting because we've seen it from Calleigh's perspective. Why do you think we're seeing this from Calleigh's point-of-view?

Our show is run by a woman executive producer Ann Donahue and viewing dating from either the male or female side is different. I think it's also fascinating to watch a career woman struggle with her love life. It's not as though Delko hasn't had his share of problems, too. Do you think Calleigh has romantic feelings for Delko, or does she just see him as a good friend?

I think she has to have romantic feelings for him. He has been consistently there for her, always coming in at the 23rd hour to support her. So I think she definitely has romantic feelings for him. When do you think she figured out she had romantic feelings for Delko, or does she even know yet? I don't think she is fully aware yet of her feelings for him. Which of the two do you think would be the better man for Calleigh? I don't feel like I know Jake well enough yet. In many ways, I think Jake is a less scary choice for her.

I think she's less vulnerable with Jake. Odds are they have less shared experience [than she and Delko] aside from the undercover work.

She and Delko have gone through so much together. Of the two, which one would you prefer she end up with? I would never say!

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Have you seen both of them? In real life, I love it!

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I get to say to them, "[You get] your paycheck to come flirt with me. Do you enjoy working with Johnny Whitworth, who plays Jake? Johnny Whitworth has such a loving spirit! He called last night to make sure I was watching Rock of Love. He's a very loving, warm person. I like them both so much.

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Is Jake going to be back soon? For this next episode it's just us and Stetler, but I really miss Johnny. What's it like playing the romantic angle with Adam after all of these years of working together? I feel like Adam and I were, when the show first started, in a lot of scenes together and we developed a friendship.

emily proctor and adam rodriguez dating

It's an old friendship at this point and we're very comfortable with each other at work. So it was a little weird at first [to play up the romantic chemistry], but I trust him completely!

The episode "Stand Your Ground" really gave you a great storyline for Calleigh. I love that episode! It was so much fun.

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What was your reaction to getting the script? I was so excited! It reminded me of the season before when I got to go underwater. Had the writers discussed it with you beforehand? Did you have any idea that was coming up? I had no idea. And she called me to say, "It's a great episode! We actually shot part of it during my birthday, so I was like, "This is such a great week!

Do you think what Calleigh went through in that episode will affect her in the future? I don't see how it couldn't. On our show, things go dormant for six or seven episodes and then suddenly [a plot thread comes up again and] it's like, "Hey, Clavo Cruz is back! We were sorry when he was killed, because we just love him as an actor.

Kind of like Stetler? If something happened to Stetler, all of us would be inconsolable! What do you think Calleigh thinks of Stetler? The thing I love about Calleigh is that she is honest. I think she finds him to be a pot-stirrer for no reason. She doesn't care for his bureaucratic personality. He really is funny. Do you think she still looks to him for guidance?

What really happened there--and people ask about it a lot--what really happened after those first seasons is that the demands of hour television are very stressful. The producers thought better to come up with idea of how do you get the same amount of filming done in less time. What we started doing was filming simultaneously. And what ended up happening was, because of the way the show was set up, that David and I essentially got split off.

A lot of times he'll be filming one episode and I'll be filming another episode.

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