Biggest loser amanda and bob dating

The Biggest Loser: a new meaning for “lighter”

biggest loser amanda and bob dating

'I'm dating at the moment!' Biggest Loser star Fiona Falkiner reveals that she's got a new mystery man but says it's still 'very early days'. 'Looking for an excuse': Bob Harper fires back at Biggest Loser contestants who claim they were given drugs like Adderall and Nembutal on the. So my question is about the biggest loser. been watching this year who thinks bob and amanda are secretly dating?they said I love you and.

People magazine have since confronted Poueu with the claims and he has not denied them.

'Biggest Loser' Contestants Open Up About Continuing Weight Battles

Instead he told the publication that the couple's separation was a 'private' matter and that they are currently focusing on the healthy arrival of their son. The truth comes out: The truth reportedly came out when the duo decided to go for couple's counselling, a source told People magazine on Friday 'We are excited to be blessed as his parents and are focusing all of our energy and attention on doing what is best for his future.

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He is the most important person right now to both of us. The couple, seen here inwas dating by the third episode of the show and Sam proposed to Stephanie on air. They wed in the same church as her parents Radaronline also presented his mother and father with the cheating allegations and they too refused to comment.

Sam managed to lose pounds after taking part in the show, and ended weighing pounds, two pounds less than his target. Pound cake to beefcake: Sam became a personal trainer after losing lbs of his flab on the popular TV show Meanwhile Stephanie dropped over pounds. By episode three of the show they were dating and Sam proposed on the show.

And he was likely safe. Allen went next and lost 8 pounds, putting him in danger of falling below the yellow line.

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He was now down tofirst time under and he set the record with seven straight weeks of double digit weight loss. Good for him and I still hope he wins. Amanda went last, and she knew she needed to stay above the line or she was headed home.

biggest loser amanda and bob dating

She lost 7 pounds, and that kept her safe and in the final four with Rudy and Danny. So it was down to Liz and Allen, and everyone remaining liked both of them, so this was tough. But we knew Danny and her had a special alliance from being teammates, and Rudy was going to vote to keep Allen there.

biggest loser amanda and bob dating

So the swing vote was Amanda. Allen pulled her aside and pleaded his case, telling Amanda that Liz was a bigger threat to win. At the judgement table, naturally Rudy voted to eliminate Allen and Rudy to send Liz home, while Amanda had the deciding vote.

biggest loser amanda and bob dating

In the end, she voted to send Allen home, and said she had more of a bond with Liz and thought that having Liz in the final four would push her more. So Allen would not be the Biggest Loser. They showed Allen at home and he lost another 10 pounds, putting him at and not really giving him much more to lose.

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