Are diana taurasi and penny taylor dating

WNBA player Diana Taurasi is happily married to partner Penny Taylor, Lesbian partners

are diana taurasi and penny taylor dating

Both Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor will be back for the Phoenix she may be dating, or she may be having casual friendly time with Diana. Penny Taylor married her long-time partner, fellow basketball star Diana Taurasi, over the weekend and she has called for Australia to catch up. See Former WNBA Teammates Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor's Adorable " And then for whatever reason, when Penny and I started dating.

In what looked like high scoring game against Serbia, Diana finished with 25 points, six assists and three rebounds. Shattered dreams and Rio Olympics: Time is running out for Penny Taylor. She has received everything in her playing professional career of 18 years. This time in Rio was no different. The Opals were one of the favorite coming into the tournament, and many expected they were the ones to challenge powerful USA basketball team.

But now they are to be audiences. Australia ranked second in the world lost a shocking quarter-final loss to Serbia on Wednesday morning. Throwing the ball away was a big issue. Not the way we wanted to play. Although the US were sloppy throughout opening quarter, they finally settled into the familiar rhythm that led U.

S to gold in Rio routing Spain The squad has already won 49 consecutive games in the Olympics with only one of those decided by single digits. The squad is only one gold away from tying the U. Diana Taurasi scored 17 points 6-of shooting, 5-of-7 beyond the arc and led a balanced U. Taurasi could stop right now and be considered by many the best player in women's basketball history.

Her competitiveness has never waned, though it sometimes gets her in trouble. Taurasi recently was suspended one game for a forearm to the head of an opponent.

are diana taurasi and penny taylor dating

The hit wasn't very hard, more like a veteran sending a message to a younger player. The league opted to punish Taurasi, but most observers would say it was Dee being Dee. Exactly who is Dee, though? Women's basketball fans are probably sure they know. She has been one of the most successful players in the sport since she began her college career at UConn 17 years ago. Taurasi still has the body language of the most confident kid in class.

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She still gives officials that special stinkface reserved for non-calls when she is sure she was fouled while shooting. She gets her share, and then some, of technicals. And she still goes for the quick quips. They bubble out of her in part because she's naturally funny, and also because a wisecrack can be a trusty life preserver if the subject gets too deep. Those adjectives that have been attached to her since her UConn days -- cocky, brash, swaggering? They're not all wrong.

But they describe the armor that Taurasi wears as a competitor, not the skin that she lives in. And you don't get to find a lot of people like that in life. To the contrary, she has always been OK with being thought of as just a basketball player: Yes, two more extremes.

But there's so much more to her.

are diana taurasi and penny taylor dating

Taurasi just signed what's essentially an until-retirement contract with the Mercury. She hopes to play through the Summer Games; it would be her fifth Olympics. She is under contract for one more season in Russia, with UMMC Ekaterinburg, and thinks that will conclude her overseas career.

are diana taurasi and penny taylor dating

She's at that point as a professional athlete where there has been some reflection, and maybe just a little melancholy. To say it doesn't happen would be a lie," she said.

So you think you know Phoenix Mercury star Diana Taurasi? Think again

And then you try to focus on things you can control. Taurasi still has some great basketball in her. She's the happiest she has ever been in her personal life, too.

are diana taurasi and penny taylor dating

Just in understanding that as much as we all love our sport, and we all have these goals we want to achieve, there is life away from the court.

They've also been on-court adversaries, during the Olympics and world championship, with Taylor playing for her native Australia. She's been that steadying personality.

are diana taurasi and penny taylor dating

It's the next progression, and it's exciting in so many ways. She made no excuses, although there was an obvious one: Her wedding was just the day before, set before the WNBA schedule came out. Taurasi acknowledged it was a very busy, happily distracting time, with friends and family in town, but basically attributed her shooting woes to basketball being basketball. Today was that, times It's almost like when you have a night like that, you have to recalibrate a little.

You have to do it wrong to get it right again.

You don't know Diana Taurasi

And they've helped me grow and showed me what being part of an organization means. How your actions on and off the court really affect what we're trying to get done here. That's taught me a lot. All it showed me was what I knew about her already -- that she was always going to be there for me, and I hope I showed her the same thing.

It wasn't easy, though.