Aki izayoi and yusei fudo dating

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aki izayoi and yusei fudo dating

You know I'd never be embarrassed Yusei Fudo: For the last time, I'm dating a motorcycle! Aki Izayoi: But why date a motorcycle when you could have me?. Yusei Fudo: Probably to humiliate me in front of my goldkey.info Izayoi: Oh, don't be silly, Yusei! You know I'd never be embarrassed Yusei Fudo: For the last. During this encounter Akiza sees Yusei Fudo and his own Mark of the Dragon for the first time. She expresses surprise to the fact that another individual also.

The two older members of the household Aki Izayoi and Yusei Fudo were simply sitting enjoying each other's company they had been dating one another for quite a while now and pretty much everyone they knew, knew about their relationship. There had only been one thing recently that had been bothering them they had never truly made it to the next mile of their relationship.

They had trouble just thinking about sleeping with each other it wasn't the same as simply sleeping in each other's arms like they normally did.

This was the big one. Yusei looked at Aki who was reading a book she had been into reading for a while and it helped her relax more since after all she had been through she just wanted to be more relaxed than anything. He looked at the cover of the book she was reading Romeo and Juliet. A small grin appeared on his face, even Aki had been thinking about pushing their relationship forwards she had been reading love stories for quite a long time now.

He couldn't be sure but he had a feeling that she was too busy drowned in fantasy to think about it that heavily. She finally finished reading the book and Yusei couldn't help but notice the tears run down her delicate face. She had finished the book fully so Yusei assumed that the ending must have upset her.

He got up and walked over to her she continued to cry as he came over, he wiped her tear from her eye and looked deeply into her eyes trying to cheer her up.

Yusei's Girlfriend??

Still it would be heartbreaking if something happened to you in the same way. Anyway was there any relief in that book? It is shortly after they are wed and they truly say how much they love one another. In a hidden bedroom where they make love and want to stay with one another, it is what I call really romantic. Yusei blushed at her sudden reaction. Still making a scene out of it was confusing to him. After all it can't hurt besides it could awaken something that we never thought was possible.

This will be one night I promise you will not want to forget. Yusei stood there for a minute he was tomato red in the face with many weird visions floating around in his head.

aki izayoi and yusei fudo dating

He wanted this but at some extent he knew that it could be difficult with the twins living under the same roof as him and Aki.

He had to get the kids out of the house for the night after all he didn't want them to have their minds corrupted by the possible events that could happen.

At that time Rua had come back home.

aki izayoi and yusei fudo dating

He looked around for the phone and went into the next room so Rua couldn't overhear he needed a way any way to get the Twins out of the house even if he meant having to do something that he would never have thought good for them. Spending the night with Jack! He dialled the number and waited for someone to answer. After a while a woman answered the phone. Well anyway yes I guess we can so what is it you need?

I normally wouldn't ask but I have something important to do tonight and I wouldn't feel right leaving them here. So could you please do it?

Besides I don't want them to become bored and besides Mikage said she wouldn't mind look after them. Because I have a distinct impression that you are lying, after all your eye is twitching slightly a very common sign for you when you are lying.

It was just like the time when you were lying about being with Izayoi you haven't changed. Well I guess what me and Crow said you really did need to get laid and now you are going to be. Jack that isn't true I just want to spend some time with Aki it has been hectic at home recently and we just wanted to spend some time together in peace.

Akiza Izinski

If you had reacted more calmly you may have gotten away with it but now it is one hundred percent certain that you are planning to have sex with her.

He turned and walked away. After a brief moment of shock and worry, she then remembers Sherry and the reason why she's doing all of this. Reacting instantly, she uses the skills she learned from Yusei and successfully avoids all the pipes. As she catches up with Trudge, he becomes surprised as well. Duel Result The Duel ends with Akiza defeating Trudge, and as they both stop, he congratulates her on passing the exam.

As Yusei and the others are glad to hear the result, Jack, who overheard the three about their involvement with the pipes in order to harm Akiza, decided to teach them a lesson with his own hands-literally. Even Sherry, who was watching her display of skills from afar, is intrigued by the outcome. With Akiza having officially earned her license, Yusei offers his hand as a sign of congratulation, to which she reciprocates with her own, and welcomes her to the world of Turbo Dueling.

Tetsu Trudge Turn 1: Trudge Trudge draws "Stygian Street Patrol". Trudge sets a card. Akiza Akiza draws " Twilight Rose Knight ". Akiza then sets two cards.

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Trudge then sets a card. Akiza Akiza draws " Witch of the Black Rose ". Akiza then activates the effect of "Witch of the Black Rose" to draw one card. She draws " Dark Verger " and because the latter is a monster, "Witch of the Black Rose" is not destroyed.

Now all monsters that are Level 4 or below can't attack this turn and Akiza will take damage for every Level 4 or below monster she controls during her End Phase. Differences in adaptations In the original Akiza thanks Yusei for making her a Duel Runner, and she says that she will obtain her license. However in the dub, Akiza says she doesn't know what to say and it is Yusei who says that nothing can stop her from getting her license.

The scene where Akiza is sent flying after crashing against the boxes when practicing is cut off. I decided to go back to the Ancient Egypt roots, since I think its catchy.

A group of master duelists have gone on a winning spree, and Yusei and Aki are forced to try and stop them, but then they learn something very strange Yu-Gi-Oh! Each chapter is a day Yusei and Aki spend together. Final chapter up, Tears. Takes place after Fortune Cup and when Aki turns good. Atticus comes up with a plan. What happens when a sincere game of Truth or Dare gets fixed? Pairings listed in story.

Jack, Aki, and Yusei attempt to escape from the hospital relax at a nearby hotel. Jack, however, has different plans. After getting into a fight, going to the hot springs, and spiking Yusei's drink After all, she had the money, the looks, and the brains But can a boy at her new school be able to save her?

Yusei learns that Aki has a fear of heights. Faithshipping - Yusei x Aki. Chess by I am Lu reviews Requested One-shot. Aki was better at playing Chess than Yusei thought. Dreams by Accurac reviews They had hopes.

They had each other and the will to survive.